12. time & territory management

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Chapter 12 :

Chapter 12 Time & territory management

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Prof. Sunitha Ratnakaram, Associate Professor, VVSB MBA, M. Phil, MFM, M. SC. (Psychology), UGC – JRF , (Ph. D)

In this chapter we will discuss::

In this chapter we will discuss: Time management and its importance Territory management and its importance Criteria for territory designs Methods of designing territories Procedure for developing territories Operating the territory management system

Introduction :

Introduction “Time is the scarcest resource of the manager, if it is not managed, nothing else can be managed.” - Peter F Drucker What is the value of time? It’s importance How advanced technology helps in saving time?

What the sales person need to do get effectiveness?:

What the sales person need to do get effectiveness? Focus on important aspects Accept the need for change Delegate whatever possible

Time management and its importance:

Time management and its importance Efficient management of sale time Efficient management of scrap time Bet t er market coverage Reduced selling costs Improved customer service More accurate evaluation of sales force personnel

1. Better market coverage:

1. Better market coverage Careful spending of time & money based on account Use of promotional material and appropriate software Proportional spending of time based on size of account Profitability of each customer to be calculated

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Reduced selling costs Identify the decision maker & approach him directly Approach should be professional Improved customer service Maintaining good relations through proper follow up Sales force automation More accurate evaluation of sales force personnel

Territory management and its importance:

Territory management and its importance A sales territory comprises a no. of present & potential customers located within a geographical area Territories are generally divided based on geographic area

Other factors to be considered while designing territories:

Other factors to be considered while designing territories Characteristics of the prospects & customer groups Transportation facilities in the territory Skills of salesperson

Benefits of territory management :

Benefits of territory management Better customer coverage Increased sales Equitable rewards Reduced traveling costs

Criteria for territory designs:

Criteria for territory designs Sufficient potential Reasonable size Adequate coverage Minimum impediments E.g. Mountains Rivers Rail roads Dams

Methods of designing territories:

Methods of designing territories Designed based on geographical factors/ customer potential Should be designed to enhance the performance of sales people Methods: Build up method Breakdown method Incremental method

Procedure for developing territories:

Procedure for developing territories Identify objectives & criteria for territory formation Bases for developing territories Geography Service requirement Potential Workload Assigning sales personnel to territories

Operating the territory management system:

Operating the territory management system Appropriate control to be exercised Routing: Measures taken by sales management to minimize the travel expense, travel time & total distance traveled by sales persons It is a complex process as the customers meet the sales persons as per their convenience Account's size & time allocation should have proper match Other aspects considered: Climatic conditions Transportation facilities Ensuring minimal distance between two consecutive calls

Routing - Patterns :

Routing - Patterns Hopscotch method Clover leaf pattern Straight line pattern

Scheduling :

Scheduling It refers to the allocation of appropriate time to all the activities that sales persons carry out during a day, a week or a month Waiting time some additional time should be taken into consideration

Territory coverage by sales personnel:

Territory coverage by sales personnel Don'ts :- Spending substantial time on small / favorite accounts Encroaching other’s territories Do’s:- Prospecting new accounts Economical & profitable coverage

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