20. channel management

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Chapter 20:

Chapter 20 Channel management

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Prof. Sunitha Ratnakaram, Associate Professor, VVSB MBA, M. Phil, MFM, M. SC. (Psychology), UGC – JRF , (Ph. D)

In this chapter we will discuss::

In this chapter we will discuss: Recruiting channel members Criteria for selecting channel partner Motivating channel members Evaluating channel members Modifying channel arrangements Managing channel relationships

Introduction :

Introduction Efficient channel management helps in Decreasing costs Reach potential customers Make profits Recruitment, motivating and evaluating performance are the areas of focus

Recruiting channel members:

Recruiting channel members Recruiting as a continuous process Recruiting manufacturers Screening Markets to serve Product's stage in PLC Can allocate sufficient time Support

Criteria for selecting channel partner:

Criteria for selecting channel partner Sales factors Product factors Experience factors Administrative factors Risk factors

Motivating channel members:

Motivating channel members Understand different needs & problems of distributors Distributor advisory councils are helpful for this Information exchange Encourage channel members to improve the channel performance Personal contact Relationship marketing Appropriate benefits & incentives

Evaluating channel members:

Evaluating channel members Constant evaluation is needed Parameters used: Sales quota attainment Average inventory levels Proper management of inventory Channel members cooperation in promotional & training programs Low performers can be trained and motivated Reward the performers

Modifying channel arrangements:

Modifying channel arrangements PLC changes Customer driven refinement of existing channels Growth of multi channel marketing systems

Managing channel relationships:

Managing channel relationships Cooperation & coordination Conflict Power Coercive power Expert power Legitimate power Referent power Reward power

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