Vina's Oklahoma happenings

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Vina’s Oklahoma Happenings : 

Vina’s Oklahoma Happenings

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Oklahoma is a strange state indeed. You never know what the weather will bring and the cultural activities can vary like a spectrum.

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Events included snow tornados and fires

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From Ballet To Rattle Snake Hunts

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Friday March 27 Manda and I defied the threat of ice and snow to see the ballet. We didn’t get much in the Metro area but the panhandle area did.

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Saturday March 28th This was our “major” storm we were warned about

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Some of Mom’s Gnome friends greeted the snow.

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April 9, 2009 Wildfires swept across Oklahoma. The following pictures are from Fox and Pruitt City in the southwestern part of Oklahoma FIRESTORM OKLAHOMA WILDFIRES 2009

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Carter county alone had an estimated 50,000 acres burn in the fires.

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Same day Rob took this picture in Miami Oklahoma

Waurika's 48th annual rattlesnake huntApril 2009 : 

Waurika's 48th annual rattlesnake huntApril 2009

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Snake hunt headquarters ahead

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Snake handlers demonstrate

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Showing the fangs

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Yes it is alive…..defanged

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Hey it was only five bucks we had to

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