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LinguaFolio Online :

Tutorial for Instructors LinguaFolio Online

Tutorial Contents:

Tutorial Contents What is LinguaFolio ? What are the benefits of using LinguaFolio ? How can LinguaFolio support effective assessment practices ? How can LinguaFolio support learner-centered instruction ? How can I implement LinguaFolio in my language program?

What is LinguaFolio?:

What is LinguaFolio ? Part 1:

Development of LinguaFolio:

Development of LinguaFolio

LinguaFolio Online:

LinguaFolio Online







CanDo Statements:

CanDo Statements

CanDo Evidence:

CanDo Evidence

Evidence Review:

Evidence Review

Learning Tasks:

Learning Tasks

Teacher Accounts:

Teacher Accounts

Aggregate CanDo Data:

Aggregate CanDo Data

Adding Students:

Adding Students

What are the benefits of using LinguaFolio Online?:

What are the benefits of using LinguaFolio Online? Part 2:

LinguaFolio Online helps Learners::

LinguaFolio Online helps Learners : Self-evaluate their language proficiency Demonstrate their learning progress Understand the big picture of language learning Practice goal-setting/reflection Stay motivated and engaged in their learning

LinguaFolio Online helps Educators::

LinguaFolio Online helps Educators: Identify strengths as well as gaps in learning Obtain background information to help guide learners in setting learning goals Identify the needs and motivators of language learners in order to differentiate instruction

LinguaFolio Online helps Programs::

LinguaFolio Online helps Programs: Facilitate program articulation based on a clear description of proficiency Recognize and value heritage and multiple language learning Develop programs based on learner strengths, needs, and interests

How can LinguaFolio Online support effective assessment practices?:

How can LinguaFolio Online support effective assessment practices? Part 3:

Research on Formative Assessment:

Research on Formative Assessment Increased student achievement by 0.5-1.0 standard deviations This is equivalent to: 2-4 grade levels 100 SAT points 15 IQ points 35 percentile points Would raise U.S. Timms rank from 22/41 to the top 5

What is formative assessment?:

What is formative assessment? Process not a tool Used during instruction Provides feedback to make adjustments

Effective Formative Assessment:

Effective Formative Assessment Teachers adjust teaching in response to assessment evidence Students receive feedback about their learning with advice about how to improve Students participate in the process through self-assessment (Black & Wiliam , 1998b)

Effective feedback helps learners…:

Effective feedback helps learners… Understand the standard or goal being aimed for Compare their actual level of performance with the standard or goal Engage in appropriate action to close the learning gap (Sadler, 1989)

Slide 26:

“Formative assessment is as much about learning as it is about assessment.” ( Brookhart , 2009)

How can LinguaFolio Online support learner-centered instruction?:

How can LinguaFolio Online support learner-centered instruction? Part 4:

Goal Setting:

Goal Setting Set meaningful and appropriate goals Determine measurable outcomes Develop action plans to meet those goals Reflect on progress

Reflective Learners:

Reflective Learners Develop personal learning strategies Set individual learning goals Incorporate personal interests into learning Monitor their success and set higher goals

Learner-Centered Activities:

Learner-Centered Activities Think-pair-share Learner logs KWL charts Application cards Admit and exit slips Pairs /small group work Journal writing Interviewing native speakers Self-assessments and rubrics Peer assessment A portfolio like LinguaFolio that shows what you can do

How can I implement LinguaFolio Online in my language program? :

How can I implement LinguaFolio Online in my language program? Part 5:

Backwards Design (Wiggins & McTighe, 1998):

Backwards Design (Wiggins & McTighe , 1998)

Planning for LinguaFolio:

Planning for LinguaFolio Set learner goals and expectations for program Determine links between CanDo statements and your program goals Review LinguaFolio features and identify which ones to use Create a plan/timeline for implementing LinguaFolio

During Your Program:

During Your Program Introduce LinguaFolio to your students Discuss program goals with students Initial Session: Set up accounts, biography, baseline CanDo data During the Program Refer often to program goals/ CanDo Statements Schedule time to update LFO periodically, including a final session



Welcome to the LinguaFolio Community!:

Welcome to the LinguaFolio Community! Questions? Contact us at lfolio@uoregon.edu Narrated by Dr. Carl Falsgraf , Music by Kevin MacLeod

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