What are the health benefits of video games?

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What are the health benefits of playing Video Games among school children? Video games boost kids’ memory. They increase cognitive health and reduce stress & depression. Modern ICSE boarding schools in Bangalore such as Greenwood High support the children’s video game playing habit.


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Effects of Video Games on Kids’ Overall Development :

Effects of Video Games on Kids’ Overall Development A presentation by Greenwood High International School Image Source : dispersedthoughts-files-wordpress-com


Kids show voluptuous amount of interest on video games. They are crazy about playing games. There is a r ather bright side of playing video games It is a myth that video games can cause violence and addiction. If kids are taught the differences between real life scenarios, and the world of video games, the violence fades as they become better students of their emotions Video games are scientifically proven to enhance brain activity and enable quicker reflexes. The best ICSE boarding schools in Bangalore strive to develop the overall spectrum of the kid and help him/her in increased learning experiences. Introduction

Playing action video games:

Playing action video games Prof. Daphne Bavelier, from University of Geneva, reveals the comparison between gamers and non-gamers. She finds that individuals who play action video games perform remarkably better than those with negligible indulgence . Prof. Bavelier, rightly stated the theory, fast action games require for the player constantly to switch their attention from one part of the screen to another while also staying vigilant for other events in the environment. The ICSE boarding schools in Bangalore strive to provide the kids with apt exposure between learning and fun.

Brain growth:

Brain growth Study finds that three areas of the brain grow with video games prefrontal cortex right hippocampus cerebellum All of these brain areas are involved in navigation and fine motor control

Improvement of old brain functioning:

Improvement of old brain functioning Arguably the most exciting field of research is exploring the potential of video games to tackle mental decline in old age. While electronic "brain training" games have long had enormous popular appeal, there is no hard evidence that playing video games has any adverse effect in your scores . However, scientists believe that potential video games are great to improve an old age brain functioning.

Influence on following instructions :

Influence on following instructions Kids are often distracted, making teachers' life miserable in holding back their attention for long hours. Mere writing notes and lecturing in the class isn’t enough for the overall development of the kid. Top ranked ICSE Schools in Bangalore and elsewhere too, focus rests on the growth of the child while ensuring he doesn’t miss out on the fun aspect. They seldom follow your instructions or are lost in their zones most of the times. Video games help kids to be a better follower of the instructions not only in class, but also outside.

Decision making:

Decision making Problem solving and decision making is a vital criteria for the development of the kids. While playing Counter Strike, the kids remain well-strung in a team and fight - out enemies, an exciting proposition, isn’t it? These maneuvers help kids in spatial judgement, confidence over the unknown, and many other benefits. Allow the kids to discover various ways of learning

Greenwood High International School always encourage students to have fun activities as part of their learning. To get more details, Contact Greenwood High. :

Greenwood High International School always encourage students to have fun activities as part of their learning. To get more details, Contact Greenwood High. Postal Address (Main School): No.8-14, Chikkawadayarapura, Near Heggondahalli, Gunjur Post, Varthur Sarjapur Road, Bangalore-560087 Phone : +91 80 22010500 | +91 80 27822888 Fax : +91 80 27822200 E-Mail : contactschool@greenwoodhigh.edu.in Visit the Website of Greenwood High

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