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What causes anger among children? How strong child’s environment and child’s psychology are to cause anger? Who can control child’s anger? And what is the parental guidance for controlling the children with anger overload? Can anger be managed by a proper education at school? Greenwood High International School, the best school in Bangalore, has created this presentation for awareness among people to control anger among kids. Link of Greenwood High School :


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Introduction Temper tantrums are normal for the child. Or are they Your child’s first angry moment is a warning and bundles of playful joys ending in a near twilight. Can this be controlled What measures do you take as a parent to ensure your kid plays safe temper with the world and doesn’t develop into an angry individual To answer these questions it is imperative to understand the roots of the problem. Some of the best IB schools in Bangalore including Greenwood High have counselling facilities to guide the kids in the right emotional direction.

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What causes Anger among Children There are multiple theories about what causes Anger. Here are the two main reasons which are mainly responsible for child’s anger: Childs Environment: environmental stress violence emotional abuse neglect and others. Child’s Psychology: low frustration tolerance poor anger management skills poor problem solving skills biology or genetics.

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Who can play influential role to control anger • Somethings go without saying perhaps our kids most influential role models for handling anger are the grown-ups theyre with day in and day out predominantly mom-dad. • Elements like caring and adult guidance that help kids in their emotional upbringing requires a lot of time investment and energy. This is becoming increasingly significant in today’s fast paced world. As parents we would like that quality is enough for promoting child’s growth.

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What do psyhologists say about the problem • According expert child psychologists spending time with mom and dad plays a major role in child’s emotional upbringing. With parents juggling job and home tasks teachers and neighbors equally rushed and extended family members more likely to live across the country than down the block children are increasingly left on their own. The international schools including Greenwood High take them beyond what is registered in the syllabus.

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How parenting style comes into play • It is a given that parenting styles count too. Studies show that harsh parents are more apt to raise explosive kids while warm authoritative fathers and mothers are more likely to bring up well-behaved emotionally intelligent children. Spend some emotional time with your kid a part of your life. "A lot of aggressive children start out with difficult temperaments a high activity level intense emotional responses and trouble with changes in routines" says Elizabeth MacKenzie Ph.D. a child psychologist in Seattle. Such kids need constant attention from the parents. If parents dont adopt a calm-cum-firm mind-frame the kids can become a ‘bad’ student of his or her own emotions. The primary focus of the best international schools is around the overall development of the child and not sticking to mere academics.

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Advice to parents • It is easy to chide the child and make him behave the you want him/her to. But it takes time and effort to make him learn about his emotions consequently making him a better student of emotions. • The problem with this approach it blows up the kid’s explosive aggression. Some parents manage to keep their own anger in check but find it difficult to carry out the nonstop boundary-setting.

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Role of schools • In dealing with angry children the peoper actions should be motivated by the understanding childrens psychology and advising them to be peaceful in school life at home. Good school teachers follow this method and try to teach children right lessons to control anger. • As children spend a lot of time at school the shool teachers get ample scope to calm down angry children. • The Greenwood High school at Bannerghatta exatly follows that process. Their teachers give the right tips to make children happy and control their anger.

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Contact Greenwood High • For right tips about Anger Management for school children please contact the best school in Bangalore Postal Address Main School No.8-14 Chikkawadayarapura Near Heggondahalli Gunjur Post Varthur Sarjapur Road Bangalore-560087 Phone : +91 80 22010500 | +91 80 27822888 Fax : +91 80 27822200 E-Mail :

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