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Anesthesia In Pediatric Dentistry:

Anesthesia In Pediatric Dentistry

Three Types of Anesthesia:

Three Types of Anesthesia Many children do well without additional medication, but sometimes anesthesia is needed to help kids feel comfortable and cooperate throughout a  dental procedure . Dentist use anesthesia in three levels : Basic : Nitrous Oxide.  Sometimes the age or cognitive abilities of a child prevents them from sitting still during a dental checkup and teeth cleaning. Gentle  nitrous oxide  is inhaled through a flavored nose piece to relax children during simple procedures .

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  Level 2: Oral Sedation.  Many children may require a sedative to relax during short procedures like cavity fillings, dental crown work and  gum disease  treatment. Level 2 anesthesia is usually administered orally with the medications Versed and Hydroxyzine . It reduces anxiety and relaxes muscles.  Level 3: Full General Anesthesia.  Patients who require deep IV sedation have it administered by a licensed anesthesiologist at one of four hospitals and surgery centers in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Anesthesia in  pediatric dentistry  is safe, with proven techniques that have been used and improved upon for decades. It can be used for simple  check-ups  and  cleanings , as well as complex procedures like  gum disease treatment  and  tooth extraction .

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