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About Sunbrio SunBrio, a leading legal and financial service providing organization, provides trademark registration service all over India in spite of operating from Pune itself. In today’s digital world, protecting your trademark all over India is a must and what better than to get the same sitting in the city of Pune itself. SunBrio is located in Pune and proves the service of Trademark Registration to its clients all over India. There are total 5 offices where Trademarks are registered in India. Due to this, not everybody has the option of visiting the trademark office and applying for their registration. SunBrio, has bridged this gap and brought the client to the trademark office online. It has laid down a process which assists in obtaining all the required information and documents from its clients online itself. This has reduced the time required to deliver the service to its clients.

Slide3: Services Provides by Sunbrio Trademark Registration in India Tax Registrations in India Company Registration in India Tax Compliances for Companies in India Patent Registration in India Design Registration in India Copyright Registration in India

Slide4: Trademark registration is applicable all over India. Thus, even if someone from Pune, gets his trademark registered through SunBrio, it is still applicable all over India. SunBrio provides trademark registration service at a professional fee of Rs 2,000/-, and an additional mandatory Government Fee of Rs 4,000/-. Given the fact that the validity of Trademark Registration in India is of 10 years, the yearly cost for availing the registration is just Rs 600/-. SunBrio aims at bulk acquisition of clients and hence has such a highly competitive price when compared to the local markets. . Trademark Registration in India with Sunbrio

Slide5: Trademark Registration is very important in securing the Goodwill of any company, its products and services, and hence needs to be availed before starting any business. SunBrio provides end-to-end Trademark Registration services. Its office is located in the heart of the city of Pune, thus making it accessible for every client from the City. It also provides this service through its online platform, thus making the service deliverable to clients from all over India or abroad. In today’s age of digital india, SunBrio is thus playing a vital role in assisting the Start-Ups and assisting the Government of India implement its vision of Digital India

Slide6: Importance Of Trademark Search Gives legal opinion about feasibility of trademark registration Provides all data about already applied or registered trademarks Limits losses on cost and time to be incurred during trademark registration Helps finalize brand name via checking the availability of trademark to be registered

Slide7: Contact details: SunBrio Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. Address: 1202/32, 2nd Floor, ‘Bhagya’ Building, Opposite Coronet Hotel, Apte Road, Shivajinagar, Pune – 411 004, Website: Email Id: Phone: +91 972 118 4433


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