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Brain Cancer:

Brain Cancer By: Karina Romero

Table of Content:

Table of Content Intro of Main Topic What is Cancer? The Cause of Cancer The Possibility of Cancer Treatments The Medicine Level of Cancer Affects of Treatment The Different of Chemo and Radiation Therapy Types of Cancer

Table of Content:

Table of Content 11) How to Prevent Cancer 12)Stay Away From What? 13)Stuff That Causes Cancer 14)What is Chemo 15)What is Radiation therapy 16) Conclusion

Intro of Main Topic:

Intro of Main Topic My slide is mainly about Brain Cancer. I choose this topic because I am living it right now. I want u to know more about brain cancer and see what cancer is in real life.

What is Cancer?:

What is Cancer? Brain cancer is actually a disease of the brain. The formation of a brain tumor is basically cancer tissues. It interferes with the brain, as in muscle control, sensation, memory and other normal body function. In 2009 about 22,000 people were diagnose with brain cancer in 2009. In that same year 13,000 deaths were estimated by the National Cancer Institution.

The Cause of Cancer:

The Cause of Cancer There are many causes for a cancer to produce. One is the brain tissues example glial cells, astrocytes and other brain cells. People that work in oil refinery, as in chemist, embalmer or rubber industry have most risk of having brain cancer.


Symptoms These are the symptoms: difficulty in walking, seizures, and headaches. Other symptoms that are commonly: nausea, vomiting, vision or the change of personality.

What is Used to Diagnose Cancer?:

What is Used to Diagnose Cancer? There are 3 different type of tests that could diagnose cancer. The first on is the CTs (Computerized Tomography Scan). The CTs is a system is which takes pictures of the brain and detects the tumor. This test takes 45 to 50 minutes. The MRI (Magnet Resonance Imaging). This test is basically different, it detects the size of the tumor. Also in order to have this test you must have an IV in your vein. Its time is actually the same as the CTs. The MRIS (Magnetic Resonance Imaging Spectroseopy ) is the same as the MRI but it detects the cancerous cells.

Treatments for Cancer:

Treatments for Cancer Basically treatments for cancer may be: surgery, radiation therapy or chemotherapy. Radiation destroy cells using high energy (lasers). When the laser hits the tumor it stinks. I had experience. It smelled like burned rubber. The effects are: lost of hair, lost of red blood cells, etc. Chemo also destroys cells that cancerous but with chemicals (drugs). Many chemical agencies use a specific chemical to kill cancerous cells. The effects are similar as radiation.

How to prevent Cancer…?:

How to prevent Cancer…? There is no way to prevent cancer. So beware. Be aware of thing you are around.


Conclusion My experience doing this slide was really hard for me in whether choosing this topic or not. I have been through this illness and I’m still am. Anyone who has a family member with this illness tell them to keep their hopes up and that I’ll be praying for them.

“You Have Cancer… Cancer Doesn’t Have You!” -Familia Romero Thank You!:

“You Have Cancer… Cancer Doesn’t Have You!” -Familia Romero Thank You!

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