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Introduction Access to good health can contribute positively to the economic and social development of a country Food security is a national priority. The vision for the health sector comprises a healthy population with sound health, enjoying good quality of life through the practice of a healthy life style

National health Policy:

National health Policy

Cont …..:

Cont ….. The objectives of the health policy are being achieved through the following targeted interventions Making the health system more responsive and accountable. Introducing reforms in the health sector and tackling health issues. Engaging private health sector and civil society organizations to improve health outcomes Prioritizing vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in society as recipients of social uplift programs.

Health Indicators:

Health Indicators

Health Expenditures:

Health Expenditures

Health Facilities:

Health Facilities

Targets and Achievements during 2011-12:

Targets and Achievements during 2011-12

Health Programmes:

Health Programmes The following national health programmes continue to be financed by the federal government in the post devolution scenario till 2014-15 National Program for Family Planning and Primary Health Care Expanded Program and Immunization Malaria Control Program National TB Control Program HIV/AIDS Control Program National Maternal and Child Health Program National Programme for Prevention and Control of Blindness

Cancer Treatment :

Cancer Treatment The Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) is playing a vital role in the health sector by using nuclear and other advanced techniques, for diagnosis and treatment of cancerous and allied diseases, as well as national cancer awareness and prevention programmes. Presently the PAEC is operating 14 modern cancer hospitals in the country and 4 others are under completion . About 527,633 patients were treated from July to March 2012.


Cont.. The cancer awareness and prevention/control campaign was launched especially for early diagnosis of breast cancer and treatment leading to better prognosis through arranging lectures, seminar, and workshops in remote areas, and through print and electronic media and mobile breast care clinics.

Dengue Epidemic and Control Programme:

Dengue Epidemic and Control Programme In Pakistan, the outbreak of Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever (DHF) was first reported in Karachi in 1994, followed by outbreaks in 2005, 2008, and most recently in 2011. Heavy monsoon rains in Punjab provided ideal conditions for dengue-bearing mosquitoes to thrive in stagnant water. Although the disease spread in all provinces, Punjab was badly affected.

Cont …..:

Cont ….. In 2011, 21,292 cases of dengue were reported in Punjab, total of 386 confirmed cases with 7 deaths were reported in KPK, total of 1,547 cases were reported from Sindh whereas the incidence of dengue in Balochistan was much lees as compared to other provinces. Necessary measures were taken in order to overcome this situation and relief camps were operated all over the country.

Drug Abuse:

Drug Abuse Illicit drug consumption, production and trafficking have emerged as a serious global issue. Drug abuse has also affected Pakistan in many ways. In Pakistan number of drug addicts is increasing day by day. Pakistan is one of the top three countries where the confiscation rate of narcotics is high.

Food & Nutrition:

Food & Nutrition The links between malnutrition, ill health and poverty are well known. Disease contributes to poverty due to the costs of illness and reduces earning capacity during and after illness. Good health is a first step towards prosperity and reduction of poverty. It is therefore, critical to move towards a system which will address health challenges and prevent households from falling into poverty due to poor health. In Pakistan, health sector investments are viewed as part of the government’s poverty alleviation endeavors.



Conclusion :

Conclusion This chapter discussed the state of health and nutrition in Pakistan. An overview of the National Health Policy and its primary objectives are presented, followed by a discussion of the state of health indicators, expenditures, and facilities in Pakistan. The targets and accomplishments for the 2011-12 are described, followed by a special focus on cancer treatment and the government’s response to dengue outbreaks. The chapter highlights the challenges of narcotics trafficking and growing incidence of drug addiction in Pakistani society. Finally the chapter documents the government’s efforts at augmenting food security and enhancing the availability and uptake of nutrients.

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