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E-sponsibility By: Kayla Summers

What is E-sponsibility?:

What is E-sponsibility? Definition Why does it matter to us?

Digital Fingerprints:

Digital Fingerprints Anything you post can be found Information is not always permanently deleted

E-sponsibility of Teachers:

E- sponsibility of Teachers Online behavior Held to a higher standard

The Online World:

The Online World What not to do online What you can do

Be Careful…:

Be Careful… Teachers have gotten in trouble for what they have posted online

PowerPoint Presentation:

“Drunk Pirate”

E-sponsibility of Schools:

E- sponsibility of Schools Reputation Cyber Bullying

E-sponsibility of the Community:

E- sponsibility of the Community Support the school district Report any inappropriate content

What should we do?:

What should we do? Teacher Training Student Training


Summary The Internet is not always private. Living in a time where everyone is carefully watched.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Teachers are held to a high standard Students are also affected


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PowerPoint Presentation:

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PowerPoint Presentation:

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