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Basics things to be covered while preparation of C.V. & Resume. When & Where the C.V., Resume & Bio-Data to be used


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DESIGN YOUR OWN RESUME Prof. Sumeet Shinde A Good resume is the first step to a successful job search

Resume vs C.V. vs Bio-Data : 

Resume – is a French word means – “Summary” Curriculum Vitae – is a Latin word means – “Course of Life” Bio-Data – is short form of Biographical Data Resume vs C.V. vs Bio-Data

A Resume - : 

is the first meeting between you and the employer. tells a great deal about you. gets you the interview. is your calling card, so remember that “First impressions are lasting ones.” A Resume -

Resume principles : 

Convince employer that you are worth an interview Keep as brief as possible without sacrificing essential qualifications No ugly resume Do not lie Focus on strengths and accomplishments Resume principles

Introspection : 

What are your Priorities? What are you looking for in a job? Challenges? Work/Life Balance? Carrier Advancement? Introspection Examination of own thoughts or feeling

Basic Resume/ Brainstorming : 

Detailed a rough version of what will finally become your resume Write them down in chronological order Basic Resume/ Brainstorming

Initial Assessment : 

Decide whether or not you should apply to the position: Not to apply to as many jobs as possible? Initial Assessment

Background Information Gathering : 

To search for hidden clues Research the position, the industry, and the employer Background Information Gathering

Resume Headings : 

Objective, Summary of Qualifications, Work Experience, Education, Computer Skills, Languages Resume Headings

Resume Headings : 

Usual Headings Objective, Summary of Qualifications, Work Experience, Education, Resume Headings Additional Heading Computer Skills, Languages, Professional Associations, Community Involvement, Extracurricular Activities According to Needs Multilingual background Openness/honesty to other cultures

Resume Format : 

Keep your resume simple. Make it easy for the reader to scan through your resume. Be consistent throughout your resume. Resume Format Format will Attenuate Your Weaknesses and Showcase your Strengths

Resume Writing Rules : 

Be Clear Be Concise/Brief Be Selective Be On Point Be Accurate Resume Writing Rules

Work Experience : 

Describe employer's line of business Your responsibilities URL of the company you worked Highlight your specific accomplishments. Don't give same weight to all your past jobs Describe experience in functions of requirement Work Experience

Accomplishments : 

Describe your main accomplishments Discuss the problem you solved. Use full figures. E.g. instead of “1 million” use “ ` 10,00,000 ” Accomplishments

Education : 

Mention the things to make your application stronger Mention activities like “Soft Skills”, “Team work”, “Sports”, “worked for any Association” Education

Summary of Qualification : 

Good Research Skills Strong Analytical Skills Good Organizational Skills Specific Skills like- In-depth understanding of International Tax Rules, Good understanding of GAAP Summary of Qualification

Objective : 

It shows your interest field & want. It helps to make the employer interested in you. It helps company keep track of things. To locate the person they want. Objective

Include some “Attitude”- : 

Team Player Involved with Contributed to Served on Volunteered to Include some “Attitude”-

Power Words : 

Maintained records for accounts receivable and payable. Power Words More effectible - Managed over 1,000 accounts receivable and payable accounts working directly with the Chief Financial Officer.

Power Words … cont : 

I gave work assignments to staff of entry level accounting clerks. Power Words … cont More effectible - Directed workflow, supervised and trained accounting staff performing posting to general ledger, accounts receivable.

Types of Resumes : 

Chronological most common listing of your jobs and experience with most recent mentioned first good for job seekers who have practical work experience with long periods of employment resume type most preferred by employers Types of Resumes

Types of Resumes …. cont : 

Functional focuses on your skills and accomplishments highlights what they are, not when you developed them good format for job seekers with lots of job experience and many jobs Types of Resumes …. cont

Writing Rules/Reminders : 

Sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a period. Be careful with Punctuation. Use present tense for current job. Start sentence with action verb. Number your pages Writing Rules/Reminders

Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont. : 

Put Name on each page at top. Give professional e-mail address. Don’t bold, underline, or italicize excessive. PDF resume if sending via e-mail. Mostly avoid Video resumes. Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont.

Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont. : 

Match resume layout with Cover letter. Avoid abbreviations and acronyms Never use pronouns such as: “I”, “me”, “my”, “our” No fancy fonts, layouts Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont.

Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont. : 

Avoid lists of boring sentences Photographs Personal, family or health information References Folded resume Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont.

Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont. : 

Use Keywords Use fonts like Time New Romans, Courier New, Helvetica. Font size 10-12. Bolding and CAPITALS are acceptable as long as they do not touch each other. Avoid condensing the spaces between letters and lines. Writing Rules/Reminders …. Cont.

Cover Letter … : 

It is not to duplicate your resume. Role is to highlight key aspects of your candidature. Insist reader to pay closer attention on resume. Focus on your possible contribution to concern. Cover Letter …

Cover Letter Structure : 

Ist Para – Your brief introduction Next Para(s) – Reason for interested in job & discuss your background. Conclude – Request for an interview & your contact information. Cover Letter Structure

Action Verb : 

Captured 57 percent of North Maharashtra-served market. Boosted sales from `4,50,000 to ` 26,00,000. Architected operational and financial business cases for outsourcing. Codified rating system to concentrate rehabilitation impacts. Exceeded plans for growth, achieving revenue of ` 100 million within two years while maintaining high profitability levels. Action Verb

Sentence Example : 

some people may have all the required qualifications yet there is a sense that they dont really care about the position Sentence Example Some people may have all the required qualifications, yet there is a sense that they don’t really care about the position.

Numbering The Pages : 

State Total Number of pages, Page 1 of 3 1/3 Numbering The Pages

Attitude : 

Reporting into the Director as a team leader with management experience. Good involvement in motivating the employees to keeping the organization on track. The Group Project contributes 50 % to the mark for the course. Attitude

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