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Risk factors :

Risk factors Being overweight, getting too little exercise, and drinking more than one alcoholic beverage per day can raise the risk of developing breast cancer. postmenopausal hormone therapy

Signs and symptoms to be aware :

Signs and symptoms to be aware A painless lump in the breast. Changes in breast size or shape. Swelling in the armpit. Nipple changes or discharge.

Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer:

Signs of Inflammatory Breast Cancer

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breast skin may become thick, red, and may look pitted -- like an orange peel. The area may also feel warm or tender have small bumps that look like a rash.



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X-rays of the breast, can detect tumors before they are large enough to feel.

Breast Ultrasound and MRI:

Breast Ultrasound and MRI

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An ultrasound can help determine the presence of cysts, fluid-filled sacs that are not cancer. An MRI may be recommended along with a mammogram for routine screening in certain women who have a higher risk of breast cancer .

Breast Self-Exams:

Breast Self-Exams breast self-exams play a very small role in finding cancer.

Breast biopsy :

Breast biopsy This involves taking a tissue sample for further examination in the lab, sometimes through a small needle.

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breast cancer cells have too many receptors for a protein called HER2. This type of cancer is known as HER2-positive, and it tends to spread faster than other forms of breast cancer. It's important to determine whether a tumor is HER2-positive, because there are special treatments for this form of cancer.

Stages :


Surgical management :

Surgical management

Radiation therapy:

Radiation therapy



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Side effects may include hair loss, nausea, fatigue, and a higher risk of infection.

Hormone therapy:

Hormone therapy

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Hormone therapy can block this effect. It is most often used after breast cancer surgery to help keep the cancer from coming back. It may also be used to reduce the chance of breast cancer developing in women who are at high risk .

Breast reconstructive surgery :

Breast reconstructive surgery

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Reconstruction can be done with a breast implant or with tissue from somewhere else in your body, such as the tummy.

Breast Forms:

Breast Forms

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An alternative to breast reconstruction is to be fitted for a breast form. This is a breast-shaped prosthesis that fits inside your bra. Wearing a breast form allows you to have a balanced look when you are dressed .

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