Best places to visit near Golden Temple, Amritsar

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Viewers are invariably in seeking of tourist enchantment areas in the world. Attractive places for the tourist to visit near Golden Temple are Jaliawala Bagh, Wagah Border, Durgiana Temple etc.


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slide 1: 5 Best places to visit near Golden Temple Amritsar Amritsar is a metropolis with a brilliant combination of lifestyle and tradition. With important devout facilities and ancient places town reveals a powerful previous and a promising future. The town is known as the Jewel of Punjab. There are a few heritage and religious sights in Amritsar. One of the crucial important sights are as follows: Golden Temple – The satisfaction and soul of the Sikhs have

slide 2: been a centre of enchantment among Indians as well as foreign Visitor since a long time. The golden body sacred pond mouthwatering halva and total myths make this devout site a pride of devout populace. Jaliawala Bagh: Located inside a distance of one kilometer from the Golden Temple. Jalianwala Bagh is the famous public floor where the heinous act of public bloodbath was performed

slide 3: through the British military. The incident took on 13th April 1919. It is another place for visitors for travelling. Wagah Border: It is one of the most visit places of the tourist interest around in the Amritsar. It is the only road crossing between the India and Pakistan. Durgiana Temple: It was once developed in 1908 and important enchantment place in Amritsar close golden Temple distance around one and 1/2 kilometer. The temple difficult encloses the seats of Lord Hanuman along with Lakhmi Narain.

slide 4: Above this there are lots of more attractive visiting areas in Amritsar. For more about enchantment location in Amritsar talk over with our weblog. Our Facebook page /worldtraveldetails

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