Unit 2: Going Places

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Angie Katherine Buitròn Fernàndez CICLO 2011-I Módulo: I Unidad: 2 Semana: 3 INGLES II

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ORIENTACIONES Espero que usted, al finalizar es estudio de esta unidad, haya logrado: Expresar en forma oral y escrita acerca de los lugares, ubicación y como llegar a ellos. Comprender y utilizar las nociones básicas del Presente Progresivo . Recuerde que nuestro curso estará enfocado a revisar vocabulario y puntos gramaticales, ítems que se tomará en cuenta en los exámenes y trabajo académico. No olvide de revisar sus otros materiales virtuales para reforzar sus conocimientos y habilidades.


CONTENTS Vocabulary Places. Dialogues. Grammar Present continuous Spelling rules. Exercises.

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Where can I check out books? Where can I check out books? At the library Note: For more vocabulary open your book to page 20.

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Where's the..? A: Excuse me. B: Yes? / Hello. A: Where’s the bank, please? B: It’s on Royal Road, between the cinema and the church. A: Oh, good. Thanks / thank you B: You’re welcome.

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A: Excuse me. Where´s the library? B: It’s on San Felipe Avenue between the drugstore and the post office. A: How do I get there from the restaurant? B: Just go north on Cesar Vallejo street and turn left on San Felipe Avenue.It´s next to the drugstore. DRUGSTORE LIBRARY POST OFFICE San Felipe Avenue Cesar vallejo street Calandrias street Restaurant How do I get there? Note: For more vocabulary open your book to page 22.

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A: Excuse me. Where can I make telephone call? B: At the pay phone. A: Where´s the pay phone? B: It´s over there, next to the information desk. It’s next to the information desk Note: For more vocabulary open your book to page 24.

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Present Progressive Tense We use the Present Progressive Tense to talk about an action that is in progress at the time of speaking. Example: The baby is crying (when? … Now.) Past Now Future

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Spelling rules for progressive verbs

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What’s the ending? Write the verbs in Present Progressive form. Follow the model given Eat eating Do Study Work Cut Come Begin Sleep Buy Put 11. Dance 12. Give 13. Fly 14. Go 15. Hide 16. Read 17. Drive 18. Fit 19. Clean 20. live

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Present Progressive Change the following sentences to Present Progressive. The first one is done for you. Lisa has pancakes for breakfast. Lisa is having pancakes for breakfast. I study English at San Martin Language Center. The students do their homework. The children play in the yard. The teacher speaks English in class. The maid cleans my apartment. Barbara listens to classical music. I write an e – mail to my friend. The Wilsons walk to work. We cook our favorite food. The young women run in the park.

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Present Continuous Tense 1.         She / wear / earrings 2.    It / rain / today 3.                       I / have / good time 4.                      Train / come 5.                      They / wait / train 6.                I / study 7.           We / walk / school 8.                We / plan / our work Create a sentence in the present continuous Note: Open your book to page 21.

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