Lesson 3: Free Time

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Unit 11 Entertainment Lesson 1: Free time Vocabulary : Free time activities. Grammar : Like / doesn`t like + V-ing. Speaking : Asking and answering questions about free time activities. Lic. Angie Katherine Buitrón Fernández

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Free time activities Going out with friends shopping Surfing the internet Watching Tv Playing video games swimming Doing aerobics cooking visiting Listening to music

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grammar: like / doesn´t like + -ing Diego likes listening to music. Subject + like (s) + V-ing Diego likes music. Subject + like (s) + noun Subject + don´t like + V-ing doesn´t Claudia doesn´t like playing soccer. Subject + don´t like +noun doesn´t Claudia doesn´t like soccer. They like listening to music. They like music. I don´t like playing soccer. I don´t like soccer.

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Do you like doing aerobics? Yes, I do. Do you like doing aerobics? Doing aerobics? No way! Do you like doing aerobics?

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