U7 Lesson 2 - A part time job

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Unit 7 I can. Can you?. Lic. Angie Katherine Buitrón Fernández Lesson 2: A part -time job . Vocabulary : Part -time jobs . Grammar : Yes / no questions and short answers Speaking : Asking classmates about their abilities .

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A part -time job Server Store clerk bartender Dog walker Baby sitter

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Can interrogative questions CAN + SUBJECT + VERB + COMPLEMENT ? Can you speak another language ? Notice that CAN goes at the beginning of the questions followed by the subject and the verb (base form ) Can they dance tango? No, they can’t . Of course they can’t ! Can she play volleyball ? Yes, she can. Of course she can!

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Carmen wants to work as a cook . Can she make coffee and fry eggs ? You sister is a secretary . _______ answer the phone ? The Alejos family lives on a farm. _______ get fresh eggs every morning ? I have a four year-old son. ______ count from one to ten? My students write poems in English . _____ recite them ? I speak French and English . _____ speak any other language ? My best friend Richard lives in Japan now . _____ eat with chopsticks ? My father is seventy – five and he is retired . _____ still work ? My boyfriend is an architect . _____ build houses ? According ot the information given in the sentences below make a question using CAN. Hands – on Activity

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