U7 Lesson 1 - Abilities

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Unit 7 I can. Can you?. Lesson 1: Abilities. Vocabulary : Abilities. Grammar : Can for ability. Speaking : Talking about things you can do and can`t do. Lic. Angie Katherine Buitrón Fernández

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IT’S MY BIRTHDAY AND I’M HAVING A PARTY! July 6th 9:00 p.m. 446 Alondras Avenue.

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Speak chinese Dance Use a computer Play chess swim cook drive Abilities

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We use the modal verb CAN to talk about one`s abilities. CAN is always followed by the base form of the verb. Subject + CAN + Verb + Complement Sara can use the computer. CANNOT or CAN`T is the negative form of CAN. Subject + CANNOT/CAN`T + Verb + Complement Jose Luis can`t speak Jananese. I can cook very well , but I can’t drive. Can for ability

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Write sentences about which of these activities you can or can`t do. Use “but” to connect your sentences. I can dance, but I can`t play chess. Drive a car Speak another language Use a computer Cook Italian food swim sing in Chinese draw ride a motorcycle take pictures talk backwards hold my breath for two minutes. work for ten hours straight play the guitar dance for three hours. fix things play a sport do magic tricks speak in public solve math problems take care of kids. Let’s practice

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