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Freezing is a process use for freezing of semen in animals.


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Semen freezing By Dr.Sulake fadhil abbas

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Standard technique of freezing - Procedure for glycerolation: -Divide diluter into part I and part II of equal volume - Part I: no glycerol and semen will be prediluted with part I - Part II: glycerol added at twice the level desired in the final mixture = 14% glycerol for yolk-citrate or tris buffered-yolk diluter and 20-25% for milk diluter -Both (I) and (II) solutions were kept in refrigerator 5 cº

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-After gradual addition of (II) to (I) , keep the final mixture containing 7%glycerol for equilibrium period (at 5 cº) for 4-18 hours -Package in either vials , pellets or straws at the same temperature

Freezing :

Freezing Freezing procedure: A single layer of straws are placed on a tray at 5.5 cm above the liquid nitrogen level; Straws will reach the temperature of liquid nitrogen vapor in about 2 min. Then immerse deeply inside the container and kept until use.

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