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Diluent is substance that added to semen for preservation.


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Diluent By Dr.Sulake Fadhil Abbas:

Diluent By Dr.Sulake Fadhil Abbas

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Importance and properties of semen diluters Semen diluter = Semen extender; Diluted semen = Extended semen -Importance of semen dilution: a. To increase volume of an ejaculate semen b. To protect sperm during cooling and extend sperm life

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The most important characteristics of the diluents are the following 1) A diluents must be isotonic with semen (have the same free ion concentration) e.g.: by the sodium citrate or Tris solution. 2) Buffering capacity must be provided (prevent pH change by neutralizing acid produced by sperm metabolism) e.g.: isotonic sodium citrate, Tris solution, and milk. 3) The diluent must have the ability to protect sperm from cold shock during the cooling from body temperature to 5°C, Lecithin and lipoproteins in the egg yolk can provide this function.

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4) Diluent must provide nutrients to the sperm like: simple sugars, amino acids. 5) The diluent must contain antibiotics to avoid microbial contamination and propagation such as :Penicillin:1000IU/ml Streptomycin:1000µg/ml Polymixin B : 1000 µg/ ml . 6) The diluter must prolong the life of the sperm with a minimum drop in fertility.

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Effective diluters for semen: 1- Tris Buffer Solution. 2- Milk diluent. 3- Citrate Buffer Solution.

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