Methods of semen collection in animals


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There are different methods of semen collection in animals


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Methods of semen collection in animals By Dr.Sulake fadhil abbas:

Methods of semen collection in animals By Dr.Sulake fadhil abbas

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From Vagina Breeding bag Message method Artificial vagina Electroejaculator Digital manipulation Methods:

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From Vagina: -The semen takes from vagina by spoon or by a sponge. Disadvantage 1-Semen contaminated with the secretion of genital system and with bacteria. 2-Disease transmission may be occurs.

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Message method: -By pressing on the seminal vesicles or ampulla through rectum. -Used in male which cannot be mount. Disadvantages: 1-Semen may contaminated with urine. 2-Bad quality of semen. 3-May cause damage to rectum.

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Artificial vagina -Consider the best method of semen collection for all animals. -The device can easily prepare and used. Disadvantages: -Need for female in estrus or dummy. -The male should be trained for collection. -Parts must be clean carefully to avoid contamination.

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Electroejaculator : -Use in ox, ram, buck. -Do not need female. Disadvantages: -Harmful for animal -Urine may be mixed with semen. -Animal may lie down due to paralysis of the leg. -Semen volume is larger and concentration is lower of that collected by AV.

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