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This ppt describes causes, prognosis, clinical signs and treatment of uterine prolapse in ani


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Uterine prolapse By Dr.Sulake Fadhil Abbas

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Occurs in all the large animal species. It is most common in the cow and ewe, less common in the sow and doe goat, and rare in the mare.

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Etiology - Poor uterine tone: uterine inertia - in cattle hypocalcemia (a cause of primary uterine inertia) may predispose. -Increased straining, which may be caused by pain or discomfort after parturition. -Other causes of increased intra-abdominal pressure. including tympany and recumbency. -Excessive traction at assisted parturition and the weight of retained fetal membranes have been suggested as other predisposing factors.

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Clinical signs The mucosal surface of the uterus - with its coty ledons - is visible and part of the chorioallantois may still be attached.

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Prognosis This depends on: 1-The duration of the problem. 2-The degree of damage and contamination sustained by the uterus. 3-The degree of shock in the animal. 4-The position and accessibility of the patient.

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Treatment -On receiving a call, the obstetrician should give advice on first aid care. The uterus should be protected from further damage, wrapped in a clean moist sheet, and, if possible, held above the level of the vulva. On arrival the following treatment sequence should be followed:

Other Organs with Prolapse :

Other Organs with Prolapse

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1-Assess the cow's general condition: if she is moribund and severely shocked treatment may not be practical or economical. 2-Administer an epidural anesthetic. 3-Position the cow: The cow is placed in sternal recumbency with her hindlegs pulled out behind her (Frog position). 4-Remove gross debris from the prolapsed organ by washing with saline or a very mild antiseptic.



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5-Remove the placenta or its remnants from the cotyledons - if it separates easily . If not, leave it attached. 6- Repair any gross damage such as tearing using an absorbable suture. 7- Reducing the size of the prolapse - this is not really necessary. Some obstetricians recommend applying sugar or salt to 'draw out the edema.

Gentle Removal of the Placenta:

Gentle Removal of the Placenta

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8-The prolapsed uterus is raised above the level of the vulva and eased back through the vagina. The body of the uterus is first pushed into the vagina followed by the horns. 9-As soon as the uterus is replaced an injection of oxytocin (20-30 IU) is given by intramuscular injection. 10-Suturing the vulval lips.

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(a) Bühner’s method for the retention of vaginal prolapse. (b) Bühner’s needle (n) and nylon tape (t).

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Boot-lace method.

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