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PPP P resentation P osition P osture By Dr.Sulake Fadhil Abbas

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Presentation : The relationship between long axis of the fetus with long axis of mother. It includes: 1-Longitudinal presentation, which can be anterior or posterior depending on which fetal extremity is entering the pelvis . 2- Transverse presentation :The long axis of fetus makes 90 ° angle with long axis of mother with transverse presentation, which may be ventral or dorsal according to whether the dorsal or ventral aspect of the trunk is presented . 3- Vertical presentation : The long axis of fetus makes 90 ° angle with long axis of mother with vertical presentation (dorso or ventro )

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Position : It is the relationship between the dorsum of the fetus with case of longitudinal presentation, or the head of fetus with pelvic bones in transverse & vertical presentation. -In case of longitudinal presentation: 1-Dorsosacral position 2-Dorsoiliac position either right or left (D.I.P) or called Lateral position. 3-Dorso pubic position or called ventral position.

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-In case of Transverse presentation: Cephaloiliac position (R & L). -In case of Vertical presentation: Cephalosacral position.

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Posture: It is the relationship between the movable part of fetus (head, forelimb , hindlimb ) with its on body. -In case of anterior longitudinal presentation: The forelimb + head extend on birth canal and head resting on the carpus . -In case of posterior presentation :hind limb in birth canal.



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