New Dynamcs in Sri Lanka integration to Belt &Road Project

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Sujeewa Vijayanthi PolgampalaPhD student Huazhong University of Science Technology Executive officer Educationist Researcher National Colleges of Education Ministry of Education Sri Lanka

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• What is “One Belt One Road” • Sri Lankas Position in One Belt One Road Project • Bilateral Relationship over decades • What we expect for Higher Education from BR 12/18/2016 2

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12/18/2016 3

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OFFICIAL MINUTES OF THE BELT ROAD HE RESEARCH GROUP MEETING - Hainan Province August 5th-6th 2016 The minutes of the Group Meeting of the Belt Road HE Research held in Hainan Province on 5th -6th August 2016 are as followsBoard Members Prof.Liu Jin-China Prof Mukdad Al Khateeb -Iraq Prof. Pavel Zgaga- Slovenia Prof Iris Benda-Israel Prof. Nened Suzic- Bosnia and Herzegovina Deputy Minister Higher Education-Prof.Mohammad Osman Babury- Afganistan Prof Muhammad Faizal A.Ghani- Malaysia Sujeewa Polgampala –Sri Lanka 12/18/2016 4

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The conception refers to the “New Silk Road Economic Belt” which will link China with Europe through Central and Western Asia allowing the countries involved to create a three-dimensional and multi-layer transport network 12/18/2016 5

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12/18/2016 6

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The One Belt One Road initiative is the key driver of China’s economic foreign and domestic policy Its focus is to re-energize ancient Silk Road trade routes to open markets both within and outside the region 12/18/2016 7

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12/18/2016 8

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"The idea of one belt and one road is based mainly on the economy but has political and strategic components and implications" "It aims for the joint development common prosperity and for energy security too." According to Zhuang Jianzhong vice director of Shanghai Jiao Tong Universitys Center for National Strategy Studies 12/18/2016 9

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“Sri Lanka’s strategic position in the middle of maritime“One Belt One Road”offers the opportunity of promoting the country as a trading hub in the Indian Ocean” 12/18/2016 10

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Archaeological excavations in many parts of Sri Lanka have unearthed large loards of Roman and Chinese coins which indicate that merchants from West and East met in Sri Lanka and exchanged wares 12/18/2016 11 Belt Road is designed to cement relationships with countries that are tacitly friendly to China such as Sri Lanka.

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Sri Lanka-China friendship enjoys profound history and has been passed down for generations 12/18/2016 12 Further deepen the foundation of bilateral relations will be consolidated under B R

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China-Sri Lanka relations will rise to new heights as diplomatic relations between the two countries complete 60 years next year an anniversary to be celebrated 12/18/2016 13

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The ‘One-Belt-One-Road’ initiative has the potential to have significant impact on both China and Sri Lanka symbiosys relationships --- Mutalism 12/18/2016 14

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• Sri Lanka is the first country which officially support China’s initiatives • Both countries hope that their bilateral collaboration will become a model for maritime cooperation in the new era resulting in Sri Lanka becoming a dazzling pearl along the 21st Century 12/18/2016 15

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China Sri Lanka Vow to Deepen Cooperation within Belt Road Framework 12/18/2016 16 “Sri Lanka plays an active role”

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China Sri Lanka enjoy profound traditional friendship as well as productive practical cooperation. Sri Lankan government adheres to the One- China policy and stands ready to together with China maintain high-level exchanges and strengthen communication between political parties. 12/18/2016 17

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Geography 12/18/2016 18 Sri Lanka functions as an entreport of trade for exchanging commodities.

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China’s One Belt One Road Initiative: Implications for Sri Lanka “Sri Lanka’s strategic position offers the opportunity of promoting the country as a trading hub in the Indian Ocean” 12/18/2016 19

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China Sri Lanka keen to push Colombo port project 12/18/2016 20

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China bought majority stake in Hambantota port 12/18/2016 21 China’s“ One Belt One Road”OBOR initiative formally presented on 28 March 2015

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What we expect from China through B R to Higher Education • Degrees in new fields like STEM High Tech • More Scholarships to out standing students • Fellowships Research grants • Staff Training Programmes • Exchange programmes • Resource allocation • International curriculum • International collaborations 12/18/2016 22

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Risks •China has no guarantee that economic growth will continue. Therefore China should share investment risks with the partner countries. •China should improve position in the neighborhood demonstrating its will to resolve existing disputes in a peaceful and legal manner and to pursue joint development. •China should improve its relations with the great powers promoting its national interest in an internationally accepted way and focusing on cooperation. •Chinese planners should better define the goals the stakeholders and the projects of the OBOR initiative. 12/18/2016 23

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12/18/2016 24

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•China will always be a reliable friend and development partner of this island nation •China has become the second largest source of tourist arrivals to Sri Lanka •Sri Lankan Airlines and China Airlines have direct flights linking Colombo with big cities of China providing much convenience for travelers •The friendship between China and Sri Lanka is deeply- rooted in the hearts of the two peoples 12/18/2016 25

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12/18/2016 26

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