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/ S U I T E A C T I V E . / H O M E . / N E T S U I T E S R P F O R A N E F F E C T I V E P R O C E S S O P T I M I Z A T I O N F O R S E R V I C E I N D U S T R Y

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/ NetSuite SRP Services Resource Planning is extensively used by service sector industry to derive satisfaction and business innovation and place that into their business systems to achieve success and business accomplishment. It is an imperative requirement on the part of a service based organization on a regular basis to assure their clients about the type of services they are oering to their clients. However the task of managing protability as well as resource optimization can’t be optimized unless a better process management system is not placed in between them. Here the NetSuite services resource planning comes in between to oer a well accepted and performance deriving solution.   T H E P R O B L E M S F A C E D B Y T H E P R E S E N T D A Y S E R V I C E S E C T O R C O M P A N I E S   The most prevalent problem faced by the service sector industries is disproportionate infrastructure while existing with a mix of disconnected business management systems to continue the business activities in their organizations. This leads to the business related complications like:- First of all there are legacy systems severely lacking in important performance related metrics and tools like real-time visibility into nancial data anytime from anywhere to eectively manage business and complex project related data. The other set of problem existing there is related to stand-alone customer relationship management systems hence making it quite di cult and challenging to share the critical customer related data across dierent stake holders. It is very necessary to estimate which contracts are necessary and in pipeline and what other resources thus are required for the future work and estimation. It lacks the adequate systems to manage the pressure on margins in order to reduce the revenue leakage and increase protability. More in the present day business environment there is immense requirement for integrated systems to streamline and automate systems like simplied billing end-to-end visibility into the business processes.

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/ How NetSuite as a Unified Cloud Based Solution Comes into the Picture NetSuite as a highly resource managing solution oers a plethora of services to business process optimization services for a decade. Its solutions oer exibility functionality and cost eectiveness to businesses to modernize and innovate to drive prots and growth. The NetSuite as a cloud based is being far easier for the companies to manage and implement with a lower total cost of ownership TCO with the elimination of constant expensive hardware cost that a business keeps on incurring with the help of on-premise business solutions. A complete ERP solution NetSuite manages the important bid-to-bill lifecycle with the help of uncompromised data visibility across all the dierent areas and sectors of services and operations. With all the crucial information at a place one can improve resource utilization revenue per consultant and further on- time delivery. NetSuite SRP provides a comprehensive end-to-end Services Resource Planning SRP solution that supports an entire services business. From Customer Relationship Management CRM and Professional Services Automation PSA to accounting/Enterprise Resource Planning ERP NetSuite SRP supports the complete bid-to-bill lifecycle with a powerful Software-as-a-Service SaaS suite. N E T S U I T E C R M E R P B A S E D F E A T U R E S     Streamline operations and drive protability by optimizing the entire services business lifecycle. Faster project completion better resource utilization more accurate and e cient invoices. Increase visibility across your business including forecasts resources projects and KPIs.  Support the way your services teams work and enable productivity with any where   web and mobile access.  Gain real-time global business management and   nancial consolidation.

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/ N E T S U I T E S R P C R M B A S E D F E A T U R E S   NetSuite SRP oers a robust Customer Relationship Management CRM solution including Sales Force Automation SFA marketing automation customer support and service and upper hand exible customization. It is the only CRM solution that is fully integrated with the eective back o ce and project delivery services therefore reducing the manual entry and eliminating errors completely. NetSuite SRP ensures that a business process is working and running on the same pattern and activities oering a real-time visibility into a client lifecycle heading from lead to close and fulllment. A better solution for the customer service and support management to decrease attrition and customer care costs.  Oers an eective single window for the CRM analytics and reporting for the entire set of customer information.  Enables the system with an integrated quote and order management in order to seamlessly ow the nance system for better data processing and enhanced activities.  It provides additional innovative features to the sales tem and marketing automation activities for the better sales performance leads generation nurturing and data management activities.    It provides anytime anywhere mobile access to the customers as well as support team.  F I N A N C I A L M A N A G E M E N T A N D F O R E C A S T I N G NetSuite SRP is a rich multi featured business activity that provides a comprehensive eective business nancial/ERP capability driven activity that easily integrates with back-o ce eectively for sales and project delivery processes.  It not only has features that drive businesses beyond the traditional accounting software at the same time brings business with capabilities to make better faster and accurate decisions. It has following unique business features and capabilities. A complete nancial management system speeds up closing the nancial at the same time ensuring accountability and compliance.

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/ It presents an integrated quote-to-order-to-cash process in order to optimize cash ow drives sales and enhance customer satisfaction to a greater level.  It is featured with e cient reporting budgeting and planning to monitor and manage nancial performance cash management reporting analysis and distribution in real time.  Automated revenue recognition processes and standards.  Seamless billing management solution for automated billing invoicing and time and project-based billing features.  B U S I N E S S M A N A G E M E N T C A P A B I L I T Y F O R B U S I N E S S E S W I T H A N I N T E R N A T I O N A L E X P O S U R E   NetSuite SRP is a single integrated solution with a great number of virtues for an entire service sector related businesses. It provides a complete round the clock view of the customer lifecycle and services.  It provides anytime anywhere access to the dierent aspects of customer lifecycle including suspect to quote order management project delivery and beyond. NetSuite services resource planning  as a global service provider oers services like cloud business management across currencies subsidiaries and divisions for real-time visibility resource management and operational control. With a good numbers of ERP and CRM features within a cloud based environment  NetSuite SRP oers an eective and robust solution for an eective and e cient business processes. If you want to discuss on this topic then consult our NetSuite Expert or Call- +61 480 016 233 tel:+61 480 016 233 Related articles: NetSuite Approval Workow User Guide What is a Netsuite Sandbox netsuite-sandbox/ What is NetSuite SuiteLet suitelet/

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