Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Iota chapter @ OSU

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Alpha Phi Omega A O F

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WE ARE… An International Service Fraternity Our Motto: Be a Leader Be a Friend Be of Service!

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First … You become an official Pledge at the “Pledge Ceremony” and begin the rushing process Winter 2009 Pledge Ceremony Jan.26

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Pledge Process … Includes: Service Hours Social Events Fund Raising Getting to know the actives! Dues Class

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Don’t worry … You’re will be there to help you! “Big”

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Service Hours 5 required before initiation Feel free to INVITE US to service you’re already involved in!

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Social Events 2 Required Welcome at all Active socials Plan a Pledge Class Fellowship

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Fund Raising Pledges must plan and carry out one fund raising activity as a pledge class before initiation

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Getting to know the Actives! Prior to initiation Pledges fill out a little information about at least 75% of active members in a binder. This can be done at meetings, service events, social events, etc

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Dues Dues are Cheap Cheap CHEAP!!!! $40 One time Pledge fee $40 yearly membership fee THAT’S IT!!!!!

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Class During the pledging process Pledges attend “Pledge Class” This occurs once a week at a time/place decided by the pledge class Here you will receive a pledge book and learn about some history and facts concerning Alpha Phi Omega Easy Easy EASY!!!! Before initiation there is a short, simple quiz over obvious information which entitles you to become an active member!

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Then … Initiation!! Once you’re an Active … You attend regular weekly meetings Service: 10 hours per quarter Socials: CHA CHINGGGG!! Dues: $40 per year

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We look forward to Having you as a Brother!

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