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Logo Quiz : 

Logo Quiz

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POSITIONING “The Battle For Your Mind” Sudhir Kr Sinha

Positioning : 

Positioning The idea first proposed by Al Ries and Jack Trout The concept of positioning has evolved from being a communication tool to being a very important marketing concept in an era of hyper competition.

Positioning defined : 

Positioning defined A position of a brand is it’s perception among its target customers Positioning is not what you do to a product. Positioning is what you do to the mind’s of the prospect.

ABC of Positioning : 

ABC of Positioning A =The Target Audience B =The Benefits C =The Compelling Reason why?

A =The Target Audience : 

A =The Target Audience Effective market segmentation Selection of target markets Understanding the “slot” (Hajmola- candy for kids, digestive for adults) Frame of reference or point of parity (Motorola Envoy) Understanding the mind of target markets (perceptual mapping)

Perceptual mapping : 

Perceptual mapping

B =The Benefits : 

B =The Benefits Solution that brand offers to its target customers Related to type of usage or time of usage or any other variable. Packing the brands with features Attributes or benefits negatively correlated

The Compelling Reason why? : 

The Compelling Reason why? Dealing with the competitors and making your brand start apart from the competitors (blackberry and apple i-phone) Marketers have learnt that the POD must be real and credible. Claims like faster, better long lasting are meaningless. (POD supported by Sustainable Competitive Advantage are most credible)

Positioning Process : 

Positioning Process

Positioning Strategies : 

Positioning Strategies Positioning on specific product features Positioning on specific benefits, needs or solution

Positioning Strategies : 

Positioning Strategies Claiming to be the “best in class” on a given benefit Claiming “pioneer” status or first to offer a benefit Volkswagen - Think Small

Positioning Strategies : 

Positioning Strategies Positioning on specific usage type Keo karpin-hair grooming Positioning on specific usage occasion Allen solley Friday dressing

Positioning Strategies : 

Positioning Strategies Positioning through product class dissociation – the “uncola” strategy Positioning through cultural symbols Seagram 100 pipers- scottish heritage

Positioning Strategies : 

Positioning Strategies Positioning by price or lowest cost Spice jet Positioning by claiming superior performance Avis acknowledges its second position to hertz

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