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US Specialty manufactures athletic field marking paints, paint striping machines, athletic field accessories, traffic paints, marking paints, industrial coatings, protective coatings, specialty custom coatings, architectural paints, floor waxes and janitorial products. They’re serving customers all over the world since its establishment in 1995. Founded on the strength of technical knowledge and expertise in the Chemical industry, especially in paints and coatings, USSC continues to thrive and grow and is proud of its accomplishments as a formulator and manufacturer of its own cutting-edge coating products. Business site:


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Next up: there is an important tournament.

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Need to mark lines logos and numbers

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Choose the right type of an athletic field marking paint.

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Focus on the need-based selection of - Removable athletic field marking paint or Permanent one.

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Whichever type of paint you choose make sure it’s safe and high performance.

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Availability in multiple color varieties is an advantage.

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Discover a wide range of athletic field marking removable and permanent paint on a leading online store.

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Formulated and manufactured by them only guaranteeing quality safety and performance.

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Log on for exclusive offers and details

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