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The presentation talks about pepsi India's new campaign- Youngistan. It also talks about the Segmenting, Targeting and Positioning of the advertisement campaign


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Slide 1: 

Youngistan Campaign

Indian Soft Drink Market : 

Indian Soft Drink Market 85% 15%

About PepsiCo : 

About PepsiCo PepsiCo is a world leader in convenience foods and beverages. Its world renowned brands are available in nearly 200 countries and territories. PepsiCo entered India in 1989 and has grown to become the country’s largest selling food and beverage companies. PepsiCo India and its partners have invested more than U.S.$700 million since the company was established in the country in 1989.

PepsiCo’s Profile : 

PepsiCo’s Profile Revenues in 2007 is more than $39 billion. Share in Indian carbonated soft drink market is 37 bottling plants in India, of which 16 are company owned and 21 are franchisee owned. PepsiCo’s Frito Lay snack division has 3 state of the art plants. It has more than 185,000 employees across the world. In India, PepsiCo provides direct employment to 4,000 people and indirect employment to 60,000 people including suppliers and distributors. CEO : Mr.Sanjeev Chadha. India Headquarters : Gurgaon.

Brand Image of Pepsi : 

Brand Image of Pepsi Pepsi is a brand that every youngster relates to. But this definitely doesn’t mean that other age groups are not it’s user’s. Thus Pepsi’s brand image is it’s hip, cool, lively and refreshing attitude.

Products : 


Advertising Strategy of Pepsi : 

Advertising Strategy of Pepsi Pepsi’s target audience are mostly teens and young adults and their advertising reflects this in every possible way. The company changes its advertising strategy and image to reflect the target's interests. Pepsi makes sure that the advertisements reflect to the target audience’s interests and nostalgia.


CONTD… The advertising strategy includes cool, hip promos to attract more of the target audience. The advertising is mostly creative and has different elements like music and sports other than bollywood. also plays an important role in advertising and attracts target audience by giving access to options like downloads, gaming, music mixing applications etc..

Slide 9: 

Some of Pepsi’s successful Campaigns

Slide 10: 

Yeh Dil maange more

Bubbly Campaign : 

Bubbly Campaign

Slide 12: 

Youngistan Campaign “Yeh hai Youngistaan Meri Jaan “

Slide 13: 

About Youngistan This campaign has two new celebrities Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone —who acted in the two most-talked about Hindi films in 2007, to accompany brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan. “This time we wanted an all-encompassing theme. ‘Youngistan’ reflects the mood of India’s youth, which is today keen to take the ropes and drive India,” says Punita Lal, executive director, marketing, PepsiCo.


CONTD… “Youngistan”, hopes to cash in on the buzz surrounding today’s youngsters. Youngistan is not so much a place and it is a state of mind of today’s youth. “While the term is new, what it stands for – the GenNext attitude – is not new”.

Segmenting pattern : 

Segmenting pattern Demographics: The Campaign targets teens and young adults of metros and phase II cities. Psychographics: The campaign attempts to capture the youth of today by focusing on their personality,lifestyle and attitude of youth through the advertisement

Targeting Strategy : 

Targeting Strategy The Youngistaan Campaign uses undifferentiated targeting strategy to reach out to its target audience. That is it launched youngistaan campaign for all the target audience in the same way.

Positioning : 

Positioning The campaign positioning is done on the basis of user approach i.e a personality based approach where a user’s image or association rubs off on the brand image. The user could be a celebrity or an ordinary user. For this campaign Pepsi used the three most popular celebrities of the last year i.e Shahrukh Khan, Ranbir Kapoor, Deepika Padukone

Placement of the Campaign : 

Placement of the Campaign The campaign was first launched on T.V during the tri-series matches in February. The campaign is launched with a 360-degree activation across radio, outdoor, modern trade, Web and wireless platforms. Pepsi has launched a website for Youngistan inside the Pepsi Cool Zone and is planning to make it a responsive peer group site where youngsters can visit and make comments on any topic. Pepsi Youngistan is also sponsoring ‘‘Wassup Youngistan” on MTV, a show where youth can voice their thoughts.

Slide 19: 

Youngistan T.V advertisement

Advertising Agency for Youngistan : 

Advertising Agency for Youngistan JWT ( J. Walter Thompson), ranks as the largest advertising agency brand in the U.S. and as the fourth-largest full service network in the world. It was the first agency to be associated with anthropology and the study of consumer behavior.

Competitor’s for Youngistan. : 

Competitor’s for Youngistan. Competition for Pepsi has always come from it’s arch rival Coco-Cola. Coke kept up with Pepsi’s Youngistan by launching a campaign “Jashn Mana le” staring Hrithik Roshan. Sprite, a subsidiary of Coco-Cola company has also launched an ad campaign called “Hindustan”, mocking the Pepsi’s “Youngistan” campaign.

Conclusion : 

Conclusion As it’s earlier campaign’s Pepsi through ‘Youngistan’ campaign aims at capturing it’s target audience in another cool, funky, attractive way.

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