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APPLICATION OF ROBOT’S Robot applications can be studied under present and future applications. under present applications they can be classified into three major headings. They are 1.Material Transfer, Machine Loading and Unloading. 2. Processing operations 3. Assembly and inspection. 1

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In future applications category the list is exhaustive and ever increasing like 1.      Medical 2.      Military (Artillery, Loading, Surveillance) 3.      Home applications. 4.      Electronic industry. 5.      Fully automated machine shop etc., 2

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MATERIAL HANDLING APPLICATIONS: The material handling applications can be divided into two specific categories 1. Material transfer applications. 3

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4 GENERAL CONSIDERATIONS IN ROBOT MATERIAL HANDLING: If a robot has to transfer parts or load a machine, then the following points are to be considered. 1. Part Positioning and Orientation 2. Machine loading/ unloading applications.

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2. Gripper design 3. Minimum distances moved 4. Robot work volume 5. Robot weight capacity 6. Accuracy and repeatability 7. Robot configuration 8. Machine Utilization Problems 5

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MATERIAL TRANSFER APPLICATIONS 1. PICK AND PLACE OPERATIONS 2.PALLETIZING AND RELATED OPERATIONS MACHINE LOADING AND UNLOADING: In these applications the robot is used to serve a production machine by transferring parts to and/or from the machine. This application can be dealt under the following three headings. 6

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MACHINE LOADING: The robot loads the raw material into the machine but the part/material is ejected by some other means. MACHINE UNLOADING: In this case the loading of raw material into the machine is done automatically but after completing the process the finished component is removed by robot. 7

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8 Robots are being successfully used to in the loading and unloading function in the following production operations. They are 1. Die casting 2. Plastic molding 3. Forging and related operations 4. Machining operations 5. Stamping press operations

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PROCESSING OPERATIONS: The processing operations that are performed by a robot can be categorized into the following four types. They are 1. Spot welding 2. Continuous arc welding 3. Spray coating (EXAMPLE:1, EXAMPLE:2 and EXAMPLE:3 ) 4. Other processing operations. 9

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