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DROUGHT Drought is one of the most widespread complex and complicated disasters . It occurs when there is less than the essential amount of rainfall over a period of time. Next Back

typical Effects of drought : 

typical Effects of drought Following are the typical effects of drought:- i)Failure or loss of crops. ii)Loss of dairy and fishery production. iii)Reduced energy production. iv)Increased unemployment. v)Soil erosion. vi)Acute shortage of drinking water. vii)Health hazards and loss of life. viii)Widespread poverty. ix)Prices of all commodity shoot up. Next Back

Slow Onset : 

Slow Onset The Indian Meteorological Department declares the country drought-affected when the total rainfall deficiency is more than 10 percent of the long period average and more than 20 percent area of the country is severely affected by drought conditions. In this way , conditions leading to drought over a long period and we do not feel their impact all of a sudden . That is why, drought is called a “Slow Onset” Next Back

Factors affecting drought : 

Factors affecting drought The factors that warn the onset of drought are :- Falling factors warn the onset of drought. Falling rainfall levels. Drying wells , rivers and reservoirs. Scanty agricultural production. Next Back

Effects of drought : 

Effects of drought 1. Drought affects mostly rainfed crops in the first place and afterwards the irrigated crops. 2. The herdsmen , landless labourers , peasants doing subsistence farming , the women , children and farm animals are most affected by severe drought Next Back

Main mitigation strategies : 

Main mitigation strategies Close monitoring of drought. Augmentation of water supply and conservation. Proper and scientific expansion of irrigation facilities. Land use. Livelihood planning. Vegetation cover. Identification of water aquifers. Inter-basin transfer of river waters. Promoting Water-shed programmes. Next Back

Indian States Suffering from Drought and Floods : 

Indian States Suffering from Drought and Floods Back Next

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