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Welcome to Zalman’s “Upsherenish” We’re so glad you’re here to join in the celebration! December 3rd, 200917th Kislev, 5770 BS"D

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Once upon a time there was a little tree

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Which was carefully planted, most lovingly

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The soil was rich,it was watered each day.So thatthe little tree would grow and stay.

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Its roots went deep into the soil, That tree received much work and toil.

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Soon that tree began to grow,and all the effort began to show.

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For that tree was strong, tall, and straight Its branches many,its shadow great.

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Its fruit were sweet, Its leaves were green A more beautiful tree Had never been seen!

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Once upon a time there was a little boy Born into the world amid much joy

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Nurtured with great dedication Rooted in a Toraheducation.

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This little boy began to show The signs of a sapling ready to grow

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Like a fragrant, beautifultree, Doing Mitzvot happily

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Let himshow youhow it is done Doing Mitzvot is lots of fun!!!

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I wash my hands first thing each dayand Modeh Ani I do say

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I make a blessing over all I eat, Whether pizza, fries, or ice cream

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I give Tzedakah to the needy And try hard to share, and not be greedy

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With my siblingsI play and sing, I share my toys and all my things Most of

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I kiss the Mezuzah on my door

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And learn some Torah,that’s for sure!

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I help my mummy clean the house

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I love to play with my brothers and sister

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I take my naps when I am supposed to

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And when it’s time to say Goodnight, I say Shema with eyes shut tight

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Ready to face a brand, new day Full of Mitzvot in every way!

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A man is like a tree in a field,The Mitzvot we do are the fruits we yield.

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The Torah commands: ‘Till a tree is three We do not pick its fruit, you see

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Man is like a tree you know, so for a boy’s first three years we let his hair grow

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With much love and a strong foundation, built on solid Jewish education,

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This little boy will grow to be,A proud member of our family

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Thank you to my Bobby & Zaidy’s and other relatives and friends who have come to my Upshernish from so many places and countries

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Thank you to my Grandparents from California and England who came to my Upshernish

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Thank you for joining us in our simcha Thank you for joining us in our Simcha Rabbi Yisroel & Shayna Freeman

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