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If you or your loved one is looking for top notch Indian wedding photographers, here we present the ultimate list of Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR who can give you a drool-worthy wedding album.


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Subodh Bajpai photography  NEWSLETTER  March 25 2019  Who are the Top 10 Indian Wedding  Photographers In Delhi This  Wedding Season 2019  Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR  The most special occasion in one’s life the wedding day and its preceding                           rituals mark the beginning of a new life together. Capturing these beautiful                         moments and weaving a fairytale through the lens of the camera is not                           everyone’s cup of tea. Only the best of the lot can do justice to the essence of                                     1

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wedding photography. While you are busy with so many preparations for your                         wedding photographers are busy capturing the story in the most creative                       manner.  If you or your loved one is looking for top notch wedding photographers here                             we present the ultimate ​list of Top 10 Wedding Photographer in Delhi NCR                           who can give you a drool-worthy wedding album.  1. Magica by Rish Agarwal  Telling stories through photos is their passion. Known for their impeccable work                         around the globe they are the first name that pops up in mind when it comes to                                   authentic and timeless style of wedding shoot. They carry a diverse experience                         of telling wedding stories in all types of settings ranging from an intimate                           wedding to a celebration with the unending guest list. Be it a beach wedding or                                 2

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a traditional Indian one Magica is sure to dazzle you with their Contemporary                           Candid and Fine wedding photography.  2. The Wed Café    One of the most loved and celebrated Wedding Photographer in Delhi Web Café                           is known for its intricate wedding photography. Covering all the wedding fun                         and frolic candid photography Pre-wedding shoots D-day pictures and more                     they capture some of the best moments at weddings effortlessly. With years of                           experience and a team of some of the finest wedding photographers candid                         photographers and wedding cinematographers Wed Cafe sure is one of the                       equipped with the best wedding photographers in Delhi.      3

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3. Subodh Bajpai Photography  The one stop destination for all your wedding photography needs Subodh                       Bajpai Photography is undoubtedly the most renowned and in demand ​Indian                       Wedding Photographers in Delhi ​. Their wide range of services includes Candid                       Wedding Photography Pre-wedding shoot Cinematic wedding films               Destination photography and more. Having worked with 1000+ clients Subodh                     Bajpai Photography creates mesmerizing wedding albums and videos to                   immortalize your wedding day forever. They also possess expertise in making                       spectacular Wedding Coffee Table Book Wedding Table Calendar utterly                   romantic cinematic wedding films and much more. Their clients are all praises                         for them and credit goes to the highly professional team.    4

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4. Photo Tantra  The dynamic team of Photo Tantra is always ready to travel the world for a                               wedding shoot. Their love and passion for photography are reflected in their                         offbeat concepts to give your wedding album that extra dash of oomph. Be it a                               destination wedding or a traditional one they take pride in capturing every                         emotion of the bride overwhelming feelings of a new life emotional separation                         in Vidai and all the overflowing joys. Photo Tantra is your dream wedding                           photographer in Delhi if you want a unique wedding shoot.          5

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5. Neytra  Playing around with the different angles of the wedding venue lighting effects                         and using various interesting frames to cover your every special moment of a                           wedding Neytra’s passion for photography can be seen their works. Neytra                       encapsulates every special moment of your wedding day and pre-wedding                     nuptials. A team who loves to travel Neytra stands among one of the best                             wedding photographers in Delhi specializing in Bridal Portraits Couple                   Portraits Contemporary wedding and Indian wedding.          6

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6. Rajesh Digital  One of the oldest wedding photographers in Delhi Rajesh Digital has a huge                           team of more than 40 creative staff consisting of the choicest photographers                         videographers and cinematographers. With smart and advanced equipment to                   refine each and every picture that helps to bring out just the best they are                               known for creating an unmatched wedding shoot experience. With Rajesh                     Digital you are sure to get a high level of professionalism with the right mix of                                 comfort.          7

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7. Luxmi Digital Studio  Giving your wedding photography a cinematic angle Luxmi Digital Studio is one                         of the finest wedding photographers in Delhi. Having covered more than 6000                         weddings across 11 countries your wedding photography is being taken care of                         by the global experts at Luxmi Digital Studio. Create a magical wedding tale with                             the extremely creative team of Luxmi Digital Studio and their contemporary                       style is bound to satisfy you.          8

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8. Picture Mantra  Capturing the extravaganza of a big fat Indian Wedding Picture Mantra just                         loves weddings and all the glitter about it. A fun team to work with Picture                               Mantra aims to not let even a single precious wedding moment slip by. Their                             expertise lies in Traditional Videography and Photography Cinematic                 Videography and creating ultra-niche wedding albums. Picture Mantra is one of                       the best wedding photographers in Delhi when it comes to capturing every                         spontaneous moment.          9

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9. Buddha Studios  Create beautiful wedding pictures with the Boys of Buddha Studios. The                       photographer trio brings a positive wave of energy to your wedding adding to                           the joyous times. Their top class skill in candid wedding photography and                         conceptual photography is simply praiseworthy. Buddha Studios is one of the                       most creative Wedding Photographer in Delhi capturing your most special and                       priceless moments through their camera lens.      10. Cool Bluez Photography    10

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Here is a super creative photography studio that specialises in capturing the                         soul and essence of your wedding. Cool Bluez understands the aura of Bride and                             Groom and their loved ones to create an extremely comfortable environment                       thereby facilitating an amazing wedding shoot. The studio is known for using                         unusual framing and interesting angles. They have traveled across the world                       and shot some of the best weddings ranging from Bengali Weddings                       contemporary style candid shots concept wedding a whole lot more.  Visit the websites of these leading ​Indian photographers to understand their                       style better. When your wedding moments are captured by the best we assure                           you these artistic wedding photographers in Delhi will leave you spellbound.    11

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