Naturopathy which means Body Heals Itself.


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Now a day, it may be due to foods, pollution people are suffering from lots of chronic diseases. We can’t find a person in the family without any medication. Day by day it is increasing vigorously taking these medicines they will be having some side effects. So, it’s advisable to take Naturopathy medicines. In Raipur, Five Lotus indo German is a nature cure centre treats to get rid of health hampering issues like Diabetes Treatment, Migraine Treatment, Weight Loss Treatment, Asthma Treatment using naturopathy which means Body Heals Itself.


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The term ‘naturopathy’ is derived from a Latin word ‘natura’ and partly from a Greek word ‘pathos’ which means natural healing for all sufferings. Treatment of any health disorder will be cured through nature. What is Naturopathy

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Elements Of Life

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F i v e l o t u s i n d o g e r m e n T r e a t m e n t s Diabetes Treatment Skin Disease Treatment Weight Loss Treatment Migraine Treatment

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NATURE IS THE GREATEST HEALER Body has a capacity to prevent itself from diseases retain health.

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Naturopathy doesnt use Medicines... Naturopathy "Food is the MedIcine"

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Nature cure can work best when it is closest to nature. At five Lotus we grow our own herbs and are going to engage soon in our very own Organic Farming..

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