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Popularly known for its silk sarees, Pochampally is a well known silk weaving centre in Andhra Pradesh. Located just 50 km from the state capital Hyderabad, Pochampally makes for an interesting day excursion for travellers interested in getting a glimpse of the silk weaving art. There are thousands of weavers in Pochampally who use their loom to create beautiful designs and patterns. Pochampally was also the main centre of Acharya Vinoba Bhave’s Bhoodan (donation of land for community use) movement. The ashram of Vinoba Bhave is located on the banks of a lake here. Andhra Pradesh Pochampally

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IkkatIkkat means to bind. It is an ancient way of creating design by tying and dying. The art requires fixing of the design and pattern before the warp & weft are coloured. The threads forming the design are tied & dyed repeatedly to bring in the right colour at the right place and interlace of the threads produces the design on the fabric.

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Pochampally has come a long way from an ordinary weaving village to a popular centre for cotton and silk tie & dye. A visit to Pochampally is an interesting way to get a glimpse of the art and craft of Pochampally.

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A number of utility and stationary Ikkat items are also available. One can shop for things like bags, file folders and purses in Pochampally.

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Most of Pochampally’s working population is involved in creating a choice of Ikkat fabrics. Visitors to Pochampally may shop of an array of Ikkat fabrics, which include cotton & silk sarees, dress materials, pillow covers, ready-made garments, bed covers and towels.

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A Woman Weaver of Pochampalli at Work

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Pochampalli Creations on Display

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Pochampalli : A Commercial Shop and Sarees


POCHAMPALLI SAREES A lady wearing a pochampalli saree

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A beautiful pochampalli saree

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A weaver at work

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A shop keeper displaying Pochampalli sarees

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A nice collection of pillow covers and bedspreads of pochampalli designs

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A wonderful pochampalli saree

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A model wearing a lovely pochampalli saree

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