computing in the vietnam war

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Computing The Vietnam War:

Computing The Vietnam War


Overview First war in history to be run with the full scale assistance of electronic data 1965 – computers in White H ouse and Pentagon 1968 – computers in Saigon

Application of computers to war:

Application of computers to war The experience of computers in the 1940’s/50’s made it apparent that computers could be used in various aspects of war: Processing text Keeping track of personal actions Scientific and mechanic problems Guiding aircraft and weapons

Robert McNamara:

Robert McNamara Ground breaking use of computers Use computers as an analytical tool M cNamara’s contribution was a step further from the Hollerith machine which manipulated social science data to eventually digital computers dealing with military operational data.

Electronic Data:

Electronic Data Statisticians and subject matter professionals with formal statistical training were few in number The Vietnam electronic records were created and used by “operations analysts” McNamara demanded that manipulation of data be performed on a day-to-day basis Social science disciplines have borrowed these techniques since the 1960’s


Satellites 1972- Landsat program- first satellite Satellite imagery played major part in military war effort Precision bombing required an almost cloud free environment


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