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Top 10 Types of Yoga

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Hatha Yoga Hatha yoga is the most widely practiced forms of yoga and is often refered to as basic yoga. Its a simple slow paced style of yoga and because of this its ideal for beginners. The focus of Hatha Yoga is on physical and mental strength and it is designed to stimulate the mind-body connection. It does this through a combination of breathing exercises and postures.

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Bikram Yoga Bikram Yoga is often refered to as Hot Yoga and was created by the yoga guru Choudhary. It is practiced in a hot room with an average temperature of 35-38 degrees Celsius 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit and includes 26 poses which are focused on proper alignment. The heat lubricates your joints and enhances the flexibility of your muscles.

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Ashtanga Yoga Ashtanga Yoga is a dynamic free flowing yoga style that builds your stamina and energy levels. It is one of the most physical demanding styles of yoga and a great choice if you want to lose weight or boost your overall fitness levels.

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Vinyasa Yoga Vinyasa Yoga is a style of yoga that focuses on flow. It emphasizes the sun salutation and aims to synchronize your body movements with your breathing. Vinyasa Yoga movements are very smooth and each pose connects to the next with either an inhale or an exhale.

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Power Yoga Power Yoga is very similar to Ashtanga Yoga but does not have a strict sequence of poses and is performed in a faster more intense style. Its a top choice if you want to build strength and flexibility but if youre interested in the spiritual side of yoga other styles may suit you better.

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Kundalini Yoga Kundalini Yoga focuses on the Root Chakra around the lower spine and involves lots of core work. It is one of the more spiritual styles of yoga and involves plenty of breathing exercises chants and meditations.

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Fertility Yoga Fertility Yoga was developed by the registered nurse and yoga instructor Sherry Long. It avoids any poses that could strain the body and uses gentle poses that are designed to reduce stress and stimulate blood flow to the pelvic area. Its a great choice if you want to find inner peace or boost your fertility.

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Iyengar Yoga Iyengar Yoga is a perfect choice if you enjoy using props such as blankets blocks cushions harnesses and straps. It is a very methodical style and focuses heavily on proper alignment. Each pose is held for a set amount of time to ensure that you master it with both your body and your mind.

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Anusara Yoga Anusara Yoga was created by John Friend in 1997 and is designed to open up the heart. Its probably the most spiritual of all styles of yoga and is an excellent choice if you want to boost your mental fitness and become calmer and more peaceful.

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Restorative Yoga Restorative Yoga is often refered to as yoga for lazy people and focuses heavily on relaxation. It incorporates simple poses along with props such as blankets cushions and eye pillows to promote complete relaxation. This style of yoga allows you to rest your body and cleanse your mind and is perfect choice if you want to feel fully refreshed and rejuvenated.

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