15 Herbal Teas and Their Benefits

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15 Herbal Teas and Their Benefits

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Green Tea High in antioxidants Reduces bad cholesterol Promotes healthy cell growth Has a relaxing and calming effect

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White Tea Has the highest antioxidants properties Low in caffeine Can lower cholesterol and blood pressure Its antibacterial

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Dried Ginger Has antihistamine properties Anti-inflammatory Eases motion sickness Great flavor booster

slide 5:

Cinnamon Lowers cholesterol Fights viruses Increases antioxidants Alleviates arthritis symptoms

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Dandelion Stimulate digestion Treat hepatitis jaundice and dyspepsia Lessens hot flashes Combats the formation of kidney stones

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Hibiscus Refreshing Helps lower blood pressure Naturally high in vitamins Diuretic

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Lemon Balm Has calming effects Helps with common cold other repsiratory issues Alleviates digestive problems Helps treating headaches and toothaches

slide 9:

Black Tea Lowers the risk of heart disease and diabetes Regulates blood sugar levels Has anti-inflammatory properties

slide 10:

Rooibos Its naturally caffeine-free Has benefits for skin irritations Contains cancer fighting properties

slide 11:

Peppermint Decongestant Anti-inflammatory Helps suppress the appetite

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Stinging Nettle Recommended remedy for seasonal allergies Energy booster Great for treating arthritis

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Red Clover Lessens menopausal symptoms Protects against cardiovascular disease Can reduce the prostate-specific antigen

slide 14:

Oolong Tea Aids weight management Helps alleviate skin conditions

slide 15:

Chamomile Great for treating sleep and stomach troubles Antibacterial

slide 16:

Yerba Mate Helps open up respiratoty passages Reduce cholesterol and lower blood pressure

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