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Want to pursue your dreams of acquiring MBBS degree from overseas. Georgia is one of the best options for you. As Georgia is listed among the 10 safest countries to live in the world. Also, the living expenses are 250% less than living is USA or UK. Because of the low tuition fee and 100% visa approval rate, it is easy to get admit in the universities in Georgia. Visit:-


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MBBS in Georgia - Georgia is a country which is situated on the crossroads of Eastern Europe and Western Asia. It is enclosed by the Black sea in the west Russia in the north Armenia and Turkey in the south as well as Azerbaijan in the south-east. The total area covered by Georgia is 69700 km and is populated by 5 million people. A Bit About The Wonderful History In the classical era Georgia was perceived to be divided into separate small independent kingdoms. It was during the rule of King David IV and Queen Tamar that united the kingdoms of Georgia and the country gained economic and political strength. During the start of 19th century Georgia came under the rule of the Russian empire. With the Russian uprising which took place in the year 1917 Georgia gained independence though it was for a very short time period. In 1921 the country was conquered by Soviet Russia and thus the Georgian Soviet Socialist Republic came into presence. After getting independence in 1991 communist Georgia came under civil strife and experienced an economic crisis during entire 1990’S period. In the year 2003 Rose Revolution took place and

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served to establish a new government which proposed new democratic and economic reforms. What About The Geography Georgia is located between latitudes 41 degree and 44 degrees north and longitudes 40 degree and 47 degrees east. The country is largely a mountainous country with Likhi range parting the country into eastern and western halves. Georgia’s highest mountain is Mount Shkhara that reaches at 5068 meters. The eastern part of Georgia sees hot summers and cold winters the climate in the western part is determined by elevation. The lowlands of western Georgia are moderately warm while the mountainous regions undergo cool wet summers and snowy winters. Pursuing MBBS in Georgia There has been the latest growth in the educational field in Georgia. The top quality educational courses are the vital idea behind its growing popularity. ✓ The physical environment and functional environment in educational institutions make Georgia a number one stop shop for the MBBS students coming from India. ✓ There are several categories followed in Georgian learning environment such as flexibility safety energy efficient atmosphere classroom space aesthetic values followed furnishing technology organized administrative offices and top quality educational courses. ✓ The improved learning procedures help in promoting social skills among the students. Furthermore the top Georgian medical universities offer space for promoting complimentary and aesthetic values. ✓ Georgia welcomes students from all across the globe to take part in its medical programs. There are various counsellors who can offer admission assistance to students like Iraqi Arabian Irani Pakistani Turkish Sri Lankan Bhutani Nepali Malaysian Ghana Israeli Egyptian Syrian etc.

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✓ The affordable fee structures of the medical courses have made it easy for the scholars world-over to complete their medical degrees from Georgia and get UNESCO and WHO approved certificates. For More Details Visit:- georgia.html Address:- A-72 3rd Floor Street. No. 4 Madhu Vihar Main Market Patparganj Delhi – 110092

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