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9 Tips & Tricks to save money when studying in India:

9 Tips & Tricks to save money when studying in India Though most of the cities in India are comparatively cheaper then cities in developed countries here are few tips which could save your money without any compromise 1) Keep records of each penny you spend? This will help you track your money spending habits and help you know where you are spending unnecessarily . 2) Plan your term budget? It is difficult to plan your budget, but if you plan it in well advance before your term starts it will help you know what money is left after your budget is planned for your unplanned all of the sudden expenditure (which may arise once in a vile) and leisure so you can spend accordingly in your midterm parties/ outing with friends or you can commit to a term end vacation, there is lot of to see in India that you cannot miss it.

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3) Spending on Food? Plan your restaurant meals. There are lots of mouth-watering food and variety of cuisine restaurants in all major cities of India available but it's also expensive for a student. So if you plan well in advance and buy vouchers or discount coupons from discount sites like Nearby / Little / Zomato or any other which you may find correct it can save considerable money. You can also save a lot by preparing your meals at home instead of depending on restaurants meals on regular basis, the cost of Chicken dish prepared at home will be 30% of what you spend in average restaurants. 4) Enjoy Students Discount: There are a lot of offers in the market especially for students. To avail those offers you shall not forget to carry your student's ID card. Like you have a special discount for local public transport for students when on travel you have a special discount for students on monument entry passes etc. 5) But do you need it? One of the most important money saving tips is not to buy on impulse. Wait a few days and see if you still need the item. 6) Pay your bills in time: Though you may see it obvious but if you miss your electricity bill it attracts penalties and it is applicable in all utility bills, so pay your bills in time.

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7) Use the used. Look online or check with your college bookstore for used textbooks for classes, which can save you some money. Selling back your used books at the end of the semester could score you some extra cash. Check online or with your campus bookstore for buy-back details. 8) Use calling apps: International calls is a costly deal from India, specifically if you are calling in countries other than the US!!!!, Canada or UK. Since you would be having long hours call use calling applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Signal etc which will definitely save a substantial amount from your telephone expenses. 9) Live like a college student. The reality is that you're a college student. So live like one—don't spend money you don't have yet. Though it may feel difficult, living like a student now will place you in a better financial situation when you graduate. Contact Us: Address : Corporate Office KK Consultant Pune, Maharashtra, India. Contact : Mobile +91 86059 59450 Telephone +91 20 2421 9665 Email: info@kkconsultant.com  |  info@studyinindia.io  Website www.studyinindia.io

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