Economic Life during the mughal period.

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Economic Life During The Mughal Period. : 

Economic Life During The Mughal Period. By: Group no.3.

Introduction. : 

Introduction. The social and economic life of India underwent many changes during the Mughal Period. There were rich contributions in the field of agriculture, painting, and literature.

Economic Life. : 

Economic Life. The chief occupation – Agriculture. Crops grown – jowar, bajra, wheat, rice, cotton, sugarcane. Cultivation of new crops like – tobacco, maize, potato, chilly.

Agriculture. : 

Agriculture. The Mughal Rulers encouraged agriculture. Made efforts to bring more land under cultivation. In drought-like conditions, farmers were given loan for seeds and agricultural work.

Kinds of Occupations. : 

Kinds of Occupations. In addition to agriculture, occupations like - Fishing. Mineral Industry. Production of Salt. Textile Industry.

Occupation. : 

Occupation. Gujarat, Bengal and Orissa – known for textile industry. Agra, Patna, Khambayat and Paithan – Cloth. A number of other industries such as – paints and pigments, metal work of various kinds, ship-building flourished during this period.

Transport. : 

Transport. Big network of roads connecting centres of various occupations, trade centres and ports. Agra- centre of transport system. Kandhahar, Khambayat, Burhanpur, Kabul, Sonargaon – Main highways connecting to Agra.

Highways. : 

Highways. Serais or dharmashlas – travelers to rest. Trees were planted on both the sides of highways – travelers could get shade. Wells - provide drinking water.

Coins. : 

Coins. Minted coins in large quantities. Therefore, this ensured a sufficient supply of currency to the traders. Gold coins minted.

Mohur coin.(Gold Coins). : 

Mohur coin.(Gold Coins).

Daam coins.(Copper Coins.) : 

Daam coins.(Copper Coins.)

Trade. : 

Trade. Trade carried – Khambayat, Surat, Bharuch, Cochin, etc. Trade centres – Delhi, Agra, Burhanpur, Kabul, etc.

Trade. : 

Trade. International trade – food grains, variety of textiles, salt, lead, aromatic substances, etc. Transporting goods – horses, oxen, camels, donkeys and bullock-carts. Trade with – different countries of Asia and Europe. Mainly exported – spices, textiles, medicinal herbs and indigo. Chief items- gold, silver, copper, zinc, mercury, etc.

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