Top Website Design Trends to Follow in 2019

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Top Website Design Trends to Follow in 2019 Were reaching the last step of the decade though hard to believe. The internet continues to grow in leaps and boundaries and has made several transitions. The decade has seen some of the big AI VR Smartphone rule among others transformations. As fascinating as all these new technologies are the web development patterns will clearly see the real change and effect of all of them. Over the past few years the overall design has been more inclined towards creativity: for bold color vibrant illustrations and asymmetrical layouts monotonous grids and the usual images have been abandoned. Here are some of the patterns that can be named as the 2019 years leading website designs. But that does not mean that there is no space for the imagination of your designers. But if your design team is still stuck on the stock photos on the grids its time to make the final call. We are addressing 5 big website patterns that should be observed in 2019 to get the predicted ROI to help you with that. So lets continue. 1. Black White Color Palette: For a long time the website layout has been dominated by colors but it is evolving gradually. Now the classic monochromatic scheme is opting for more and more websites. White while black is assertive and bold can be perceived as a clean and reserved shade. Combining both provides you with an amazing history ideal for any website. 2. Organic Natural Shapes: Previously as they provided a sense of stability geometric shapes were prevalent. But designers have been more oriented toward natural and organic forms since last year. Usually these shapes dont have sharp corners and they add a depth to the entire design that brings out the elements. 3. Micro Interactions: The last thing you want is repetition about your website. And for the same micro-interactions are the perfect solution. There is a specific

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response every time there is a slight action on the app or website and this response is called micro-interaction. Its one of the best ways to get your viewers interested. Other than that there are several other website patterns that were going to discuss next time. So keep watching this space if you need more such knowledge about web design Netherlands.

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