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DAY 1 Tueday, 24th of April :

DAY 1 Tueday, 24 th of April The first day we went to the campsite and we ate in the restaurant. At night, we played some games in the football field.

DAY 2 Wednesday, 25th of april :

DAY 2 Wednesday, 25 th of april The second day we went to the Sorbas Caves, to the saltworks and to the Mini Hollywood. At night we went to the football field to listen to scary stories

DAY 3 Thursday, 26th of april:

DAY 3 Thursday, 26 th of april In the morning we visited The Millares whith the other high schools. In the afternoon we went to Almeria and in the night we danced!!

DAY 4 Friday, 27th of April:

DAY 4 Friday, 27 th of April It was the ultimate day. In the morning, we went to the beach and then we prepared the suitcases to come back to Baza.

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