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Ana M García Casas 1 A:

Ana M García Casas 1 A ALMERÍA

Arrival at the campsite.:

Arrival at the campsite.


Accomodation When we arrived we installed in the bungalows.

Cabo de Gata.:

Cabo de Gata. When we finished having a look at the campsite we went to Cabo de Gata to visit it.


Dinner. Then we came back to the campsite , we had dinner and after dinner we played games to learn more about the children of other schools

Cuevas de Sorbas.:

Cuevas de Sorbas. When we woke up we went to have breakfast.Then, we got a bag with a sandwich and a drink and we went to the caves of Sorbas, there the instructor took us to visit the caves, when we left we went to see a video about Sorbas.

Mini Hollywood.:

Mini Hollywood. In the afternoon we went to the Mini Hollywood to record a video and see animals.

Night of terror.:

Night of terror. We had to invent our own terror stories to tell them.

Los Millares.:

Los Millares. On Thursday morning we went to see old houses and tombs and also saw a video that explained everything to us very well.


Almería. In Almeria we went to shops to buy clothes.


Beach. In the morning we went to the Beach and then we went to eat.

Swimming pool.:

Swimming pool. After eating we collected all things and we went to the pool.

Our friends.:

Our friends.

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