Retaining Customer loyalty for your Website

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Retaining Customer loyalty for your Website :

Retaining Customer loyalty for your Website People generally visit your website and hardly turn back. This is something needs great attention for website owners. Every website owner likes to have more customer traffic to their website at any cost but do they really satisfy the condition of being customer favorite. They adopt various methods such as changing the design, navigation structure and overall looks but all these efforts go in vain and nothing fruitful happens. The whole purpose that more and more people visit to your website and attain popularity of whatever you are offering for your customers fails and no road for improving website customer visit seems in hand. Why it happens after doing so much to the website. The answer is bounce rate which measures the number of visitors who have looked at your website and the time taken for taking visit to your website. For decreasing the bounce rate you need to do something for it. The resource of your incoming traffic has to be modified. Key words must serve the purpose of your website and they should be apt and not irrelevant or away from your goal should be used and thereby increasing the bounce rate. The next step is to make your pages, especially the first one more simple, more user friendly and every page must be interlinked and the user should not have to waste time or think twice to search the path for moving from one way to other.

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Multiple navigation bars, multiple search boxes and other complications should be avoided. Visitors are actually satisfied by their needs and purpose of visiting to your website, if they feel some confusion, not able to understand the content, tends to move to other webpage without giving you website second look again in future. The signup procedure has to be simple which are generally very lengthy and needs detailed information which visitors hesitate to provide on online website. Be in touch of the customer needs and what they are looking, goes on updating your website regularly and remember that at the end of each bounce or exit there is a customer. Last but not the least, high bounce rate means that the page was successfully read but like leaving the contact page means the customer needs your contact details so leaving quickly is not a bounce, rather it is success. Make the WebPages purposeful, keeping in mind the need of the customer and more visitors definitely move towards your website. You can learn more about Digital media and marketing company , social media management service and Social Media Consultant , by visiting -

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