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Palenque, Mexico:

Palenque, Mexico By: Caroline Draver

Palenque is located by….. :

Palenque is located by….. The Usamacinta River Comalcalco Southern Mexico, near Belize and Guatemala

The Pyramid :

The Pyramid The largest pyramid is the Temple of the Inscriptions. The pyramid was started during the last 10 years of the life of its ruler, Pakal . The tomb of Pakal was inside the temple. The Temple was completed by Pakal’s son. It was named after the hieroglyphics inside, which include many carved inscriptions.

The Palace :

The Palace It is a combination of many connected buildings and courtyards. It also has many sculptures. It has many bas-relief sculptures, which are carvings that show a picture similar to a coin.

When did the Palenque people live there ?:

When did the Palenque people live there ? They lived there from 100BC-800 AD After 800 AD, the trees of the jungle, which were cedar, mahogany and sapodilla, grew around the ruins. The ruins have been repaired and cleared out and are a famous site in Mexico with thousands of visitors a year.

Interesting facts:

Interesting facts The most famous ruler of Palenque was Pakal It is in the Mayan region Palenque was a capitol between 300 BC and 250 AD. The Mayan city of Palenque is one square mile, which is about the size of Shorewood. Archaeologists think that more than 1,000 buildings are still covered by jungle. It is very humid and 79 degrees F and rains 85 inches a year. ( Millwaukee has 35 inches of rain and snow total a year)

Some cool pictures!:

Some cool pictures! The Palace Temple of Inscriptions

Roof comb, Bas-relief carving :

Roof comb, Bas-relief carving Roof comb is on top of pyramids and has sacred meanings Bas-relief carving



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