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A Services Marketing Perspective

What is Fame Cinemas?:

What is Fame Cinemas? Fame (I) Ltd has been instrumental in bringing the highest quality of entertainment to Indian audience with over 28 years of experience in distribution and over 10 years experience in exhibition of films. 26 multiplexes across India with 97 screens and 27,236 seats across 13 cities in India. ‘Gold Class’ screens which feature natural leather recliners, where each recliner stretches to 150 degrees. Brand Fame has stood for ethical, fair practices and transparent dealing over the last several decades.

7Ps of Services Marketing:



Product Core Product: Movie Exhibition Actual Product: Dolby Digital Sound System Bucket type comfortable seating Centralized AC


Product Augmented Product: Food Court Convenient Ticket Booking Car Parking


Price Fame uses flexible pricing for it’s Multiplex theatre. Rates: The ticket rates averages between Rs.90 to Rs.270 depending upon the: Performance of the movie at the box office and it’s duration at the theatre. Seating position Show Timing Movie language Location of the Multiplex (e.g. Fame South City ticket prices are always higher than Fame Hiland Park)


Place First founded in Mumbai’s City Mall in 1999. Fame has 26 multiplexes across India. Currently, they operate 97 screens and 27,236 seats across 13 cities in India with presence in states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Haryana, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Fame cinemas have mostly located themselves in high-crowd locations like shopping malls.


Promotion The most effective way of promotion is the daily advertisements in the paper, which promote the movie, which is currently being screened in the theater, and informs the public. Online ticket booking is quickly becoming popular amongst the movie goers, hence, Fame has also engaged in Digital Marketing .


Promotion SMURF meet ‘n’ greet Event @Fame ANJANA ANJANI screening @Fame FAME also hosts various events and special screening of movies at it’s multiplexes.


Promotion Movie contests and special offers are put up on the website to keep the Fame addicts engaged.


Promotion A special Fame advertisement is screened at the beginning of every movie, starring veteran actors of The Hindi Film Industry. Other than this, FAME CINEMAS in return offers space for B2B advertisements for: Ad-film screening Interval Slide Program Promotional Venues Lobby Signage. Popcorn Bag sponsorship. Product Sampling and Coupon Distribution. Auditorium hire for product launch/function/conference


People No. of employees: Around 1650 (as on July, 2012) Courteous and well-dressed people characterize the Multiplex. The employees are highly motivated and trained and exude an aura of energy and vibrancy as they perform their duty with a smile on their lips and a spring in their step.


People Fame Cinemas Recruitment and Training Process Fame Cinema recruits both through Online Advt. of open positions and through Recruitment consultants. HR function is managed centrally from their Mumbai Headquarter and HR representative in each location coordinate with Theatre Manager to arrange interview with right Candidates. Post recruitment they arrange On the Job training programs for quick integration of the New employee to Fame Cinema way of work.


Process The process is a sequence of actions to deliver the service to the customer. In this case the following is the process followed by FAME. The customer arrives to FAME by car and first goes to the ‘pay n park’ to park the car. The customer then moves on to the ticket window to purchase the ticket for the movie he is interested to watch. Then the customer enters the building.


Process Here the usher at the door checks for the tickets. The entree’s belongings are checked for security purpose. Prohibited items are labeled and kept back at the counter. Then the customer will move on to their respective Screen area and watch the movie (or wait in the lounge if there is still time for the screens to open). In the interval the fame attendants go around the theatre to collect food orders or the customer will come out to eat or drink something from the cafeteria. The customer then goes back to the screening area to continue the movie.

Physical Evidence:

Physical Evidence Ambient factors Air conditioning Excellent ventilation Design factors Uniform appearance Extensive parking lot Spacious interiors Social factors Well dressed employees Courteous attitude Elite and up market crowd Family atmosphere

Service Blueprint:

Service Blueprint Buy Tickets Enter Premises Watch Movie Line of Interaction Staffs at Box Office Gatekeeper Seat Assistance Snacks offered Line of Visibility Physical Evidence IT Staffs Food Department The Manager Tech Support Team House Keeping Procurement Database Maintenance Quality Inspection Team Finance FRONT STAGE BACK STAGE

Positioning Strategy:

Positioning Strategy Fame’s positioning strategy is to position itself as a Film Exhibitor for the aspiring Indian population. Their unique proposition is the location of Fame Cinemas, which are always in the most prime property of the location it operates from. The brand Fame (I) Ltd has stood for ethical, fair practices and transparent dealing over the last several decades. “Our mission is to offer a world class viewing experience to the consumer through a chain of Multiplexes.” - from Company Website

Focus Strategy Analysis:

Focus Strategy Analysis Fame has benchmarked themselves with global multiplexes, and strive to enhance their service offering in line with the emerging trends globally. Although their product is similar to other competitors like Cinemax , Big Cinemas etc., but vastly different from Single screen theatres. ‘Fame’ has built a clear focus on customer orientation, by providing services such as, tele -bookings, home delivery of tickets, internet bookings, IVR and kiosk bookings.

Focus Strategy Analysis:

Focus Strategy Analysis To provide exceptional consumer experience, they have introduced the ‘Gold Class’ screens. The Gold Class features natural leather recliners, where each recliner stretches to 150 degrees, super size screens, state of the art projection and sound systems. Apart from popcorn and soda, they also offer specialty food, which can be ordered and delivered on ones seat.

Profile of Target Customer Population:

Profile of Target Customer Population Fame Cinemas has approx. 1.5 million movie goers per month. Age: 45% between 25 and 35 & 34% ARE TEENAGERS. Education: 65% of adult movie-going audience has attended/graduated college. 76% of the patrons come from within a 2km radius of the property. Clear Viewer patterns emerge across day parts: Children, College Students, Housewives, Young couples, Office groups, Families, Young adults are the groups that visit.

Competition Analysis:

Competition Analysis V/S

PowerPoint Presentation:

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