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Create your LinkedIn profile -- for students in Education and Social Science at Robert Morris University in Pittsburgh.


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LinkedIn Best Practices:

LinkedIn Best Practices

LinkedIn :

LinkedIn Social network aimed toward professionals Founded in 2003 Over 259 million users and growing Usually seen as an online version of your resume

Why Use LinkedIn?:

Why Use LinkedIn? Because it’s a great career management tool: Keep your private life separate from your professional life Network with other professionals Find jobs L et employers find you

Why Use LinkedIn?:

Why Use LinkedIn? Because getting hired today requires a strong online identity!

Build a Positive Personal Web Presence:

Build a Positive Personal Web Presence The first thing potential employers will do is Google you LinkedIn has a fairly high Google page rank meaning LinkedIn profiles rise to the top of search results

How Employers use LinkedIn::

How Employers use LinkedIn: 96 % Searching 94 % Contacting 92 % Vetting 93 % Keeping tabs on candidates

How Job Seekers Use LinkedIn:

How Job Seekers Use LinkedIn 40 % contacts referred me for a job 34% contacts shared a job opportunity 32% made a new professional connection 32% contacts provided an employee’s perspective on a company Source: /

How to get started:

How to get started Go to & create a profile

The Photo:

The Photo Your headshot is the first impression A picture is worth a thousand words You can control who sees your profile photo

The Photo:

The Photo Use a professionally - taken headshot that shows you in the best light

The Headline:

The Headline The headline appears under your name and next to your picture

The Headline:

The Headline When you specify the details of your current job, LinkedIn will ever-so-subtly include a checkbox that is already set to “Update My Headline to (your job title).” If you leave this information as is, site users will see “Sara Jones , Substitute Teacher at ABC School District” throughout all your activity.

The Headline:

The Headline But, if you uncheck the box and then edit the Headline available when changing your name field, you’ll have the chance to advertise your career level and competencies Then, you can use terms that will trigger your hit rate for both your job target and current position

The Headline:

The Headline Because you don’t have to limit yourself to the default job title and employer… You can use the 120 characters to market yourself creatively

Creating a Profile:

Creating a Profile The Summary: Your elevator pitch Read it out loud - would you stop and take a closer look? Can show sample work or direct reader to your own personal website

Include Contact Info:

Include Contact Info Include your email address and phone # Failure to include contact information could result in missed opportunities Tell the reader why to contact you: Interview , job, advice…

Creating a Profile:

Creating a Profile Experience & Skills Explain what you've done as well as what you CAN do Interests , Groups & Associations Showcase where you're active Recommendation You need them Testimonials to your service, expertise, and skill can build trust and make you look more attractive

Creating a Profile:

Creating a Profile Be detailed about your education, internships, volunteering, jobs, study abroad Be authentic Use a natural, conversational tone Include a strengths summary Use keywords relevant in your desired field

Creating a Profile:

Creating a Profile Check spelling and grammar Use bullet-points to highlight your experience, not block text Breaking up the text visually allows employers to quickly scan through for keywords

Custom Profile:

Custom Profile To raise visibility, use your profile in your email signature


Connections People who have accepted an invitation to join your network are “direct connections” They’re one degree away from you Can contact them directly Y our direct connections’ connections are two degrees away from you. Their connections are three degrees away.

Growing Your Network:

Growing Your Network Start out by connecting with people you know Search feature LinkedIn can scan your email address book and select who you want to connect with

Growing Your Network:

Growing Your Network Join Groups Join About 45 groups.  You’re allowed up to 50 groups on LinkedIn Join your SESS Alumni Group:

Growing Your Network:

Growing Your Network Accept everyone, but invite strategically Don’t just invite everyone who pops up on “people you may know.” Invite to build your network the way you want to build it. When connecting, NEVER use the built-in message : “ I’d like to add you to my professional network on LinkedIn”

Connecting to Others:

Connecting to Others State Your Intentions Upfront Hi Joshua , I obtained your name through the Boston University MBA LinkedIn Group. I graduated from the School of Management last year and I am in the process of making a career transition. It would be helpful for me to ask you questions about your experiences as an Sales Account Manager for Cisco . I am not expecting to discuss a particular employment position but I would appreciate being able to talk with you on an informational basis . I thank you in advance . Regards ,


Recommendations A professional endorsement Should be specific and detailed Should add professional value Should be from peers, managers, and clients

Searching for Jobs:

Searching for Jobs Can search by zip code & connections Job postings often within groups


Networking Always say “Thank You” for everything

Keep Your Profile Updated:

Keep Your Profile Updated As you would update your resume, you should also keep your LinkedIn account updated with your updated resume, contact information or profile information

Action Items::

Action Items: Join LinkedIn and complete your profile to 100% Upload your current contacts and send connection requests Join RMU Education Bachelor’s Programs alumni group

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