Spring is Coming, How to Avoid Restrictions Your Wood burners and open

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professional chimney sweeps in Kingston upon Thames, a female chimney sweep in Hastings, and another professional chimney sweep covering Wimbledon, Sutton and chimney sweep Dorking areas.


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Downloaded from: justpaste.it/wood-burners-and-open-fires Spring is Coming How to Avoid Restrictions Your Wood burners and open fires May Face Spring is coming and if you have been using a wood burning stove or a fireplace over the winter it is a great time to do 2 things: 1. Maintenance and servicing 2. Chimney or Flue sweeping. While modern wood burning stoves are built to last their parts do suffer from usage and often need replacing. Whether it is the seal around the door or the glass that has gone too hazy there are a bunch of parts that need attention. Some of them are harder to reach and inspect visually unless you are a professional. It is a great time as the warmer days come to get your stove services and your flue swept. Get everything fully cleaned up and in good working order. This will extend the lifespan of your appliance but also make it ready for use anytime you need to its optimum performance and pollution levels. I’m sure if you are a stove owner that you have not escaped the news headlines about wood burning stoves being responsible for some of the worst pollution in cities. The irony is that modern burning stoves are incredibly efficient low emission and pollution ratings. What is often causing issue is how people use them and burn wood. It is essential to only burn “ready to burn” wood which in the UK you can purchase from your local chimney sweep or stove shop and marked with the “Woodsure” logo. This is a guaranty that the wood has been dried up properly and is ready to burn in your wood burning stove with optimum performance minimum smoke and harmful particles emission. While the romantic idea of going for a walk in the local park or forest and choosing a few bits of wood to take

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home and fuel your stove is a sweet one the reality is that you would be responsible for polluting the environment unnecessarily and excessively. The humidity level of the wood you burn matters and the more water content there is the more pollution you will generate the less efficient your wood burning stove is going to be. We spoke with 3 professional chimney sweeps in Kingston upon Thames a female chimney sweep in Hastings and another professional chimney sweep covering Wimbledon Sutton and chimney sweep Dorking areas. Their views were that this time of the year is a perfect time to look into your stove good working order and learning more about how you can enjoy a clean burn minimal emissions of harmful particles into the environment and keep your flue clean and efficient. Prices can be a bit more advantageous this time of the year also compare with the heart of winter when chimney and stoves professionals are overbooked and there is more time to chat and learn. So let’s take advantage of the down season and be good stove users. Original Source: professional chimney sweep

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