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Natural stone fireplace is important asset and one that should protect to make sure that it remains in the best condition and looking great, so caring and protecting the fireplace stones plays the major role.


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Fireplace Stones Caring and protecting

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How to Care and Protect Natural Stone Fireplace Importantly the stones used to fireplace are soft and these are very good for outdoor fire place, it means the fireplace stones are quite porous. So it is ending the with the regular water stains and other liquid stains in the routine use of fireplace. So to avoid all those stains need to be sealed perfectly with the stones Sealant. Such products are available in most of the home repairs shops . Sealant are used over the installation and often once in a year. Day To Day Caring Day To day cleaning of the fireplace can also maintain the fireplace looks great in all the seasons. Dry mopping is also one the best method for be far from dust and dirt. Spills and standing water need to be wiped out immediately to reduce the hardness of the water damage .

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Long-Term Care If things should be care for long term means than can follow the re- application of sealant chemical for long term fireplace care . Basically need to understand the nature of the stone and stain type, many newly installed fireplace are not sealed and if so sealed it will not be perfectly sealed. Then follow the three simple steps can keep, so that the fireplace as attracts all the time just cleaning, caring and maintaining.

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How do you make sure your natural stone fireplace looks great ? Natural stone fireplace is important asset and one that should protect to make sure that it remains in the best condition and looking great . A stone fireplace can and will stain. Natural stones looks watertight, it is more similar to sponge with many pores and crack. if not these pores are sealed they will be susceptible to staining and permanently lose the attractiveness of the color from soot, smoke, candle wax, red wine and coffee. Many newly installed stone fireplaces will not be sealed.

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It is easy to prevent stains and keep the stone fireplace protected following three simple steps Step 1: Cleaning Burn only seasoned wood and well-dried wood. This will eliminate soot, smoke and creosote growth. Do not use water to drown a fire unless there is an emergency. It will make a nasty paste out of the ashes. Never use a rough cleanser inside the fireplace. Many contain dangerous chemicals that will leave a dangerous flame. When cleaning your fireplace, sprinkle damp coffee grounds over the cooled ashes to keep down the dust Step 2: Sealing A quick drying spray on soak sealer that forms a neutral barrier and helps to protect porous stone surfaces from water, dirt, oil, grease, soot and lime scale. Makes treated surfaces easier to keep clean .

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2. A good impregnating sealer fills those small holes to keep stains on the surface where they can be easily cleaned off. Step 3: Maintenance Easy to apply, low foaming maintenance cleaner ideal for use on a natural stone fireplace which cleans without damaging even the most delicate surfaces. Check the fireplace for cracks or damage to the firebox. Look up the flue liner to look for creosote buildup. Remove the ashes with a flat shovel and dispose in a metal bucket. Ashes can be scattered on compost pile or in the garden. Have the fireplace professionally cleaned every year. Check the damper for proper operation. Beware other household cleaners are likely to compromise the seal.

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